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5 Misconceptions About Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for a couple of years now. And when I say it’s been a life changer for me, well it literally has been (I recently finished my Yoga Teacher Training). With that said, a majority of my inner circle, my close friends and family have never stepped foot on a yoga mat.

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As yoga becomes a bigger part of my life, I find myself wanting to share it more with the people I love. I’ve realized it’s not because I have failed to “sell” yoga that they haven’t tried it, it’s because there are so many misconceptions about yoga and the people who teach or practice yoga.

5 Misconceptions About Yoga

You have to be flexible to practice yoga. Not at all! Are body builders the only ones who lift weights? Are marathoners the only people who run? Rome wasn’t built in a day people! You go to yoga so that when you are 50 you can still tie your shoes! Continue reading

When Things Change

Happy Monday Bloggies!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I really have been slacking on the blog front lately and I’m trying to figure out why.  Maybe other bloggers can relate and share their advice?

For some reason I’ve been lacking inspiration lately when it comes to writing and really it should be the opposite.  I have a TON of new things going on, I would think the ideas would be pouring out of my brain…but they’re not!

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The more and more I’ve thought about this the more clear the reason has become.  A LOT has changed since I started The Primal Yogi in August, 2013.

I moved to a new town.

I moved in with my boyfriend.

I made the decision to sign up for and then completed my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Continue reading

Lessons I’ve Taken Off The Yoga Mat and Into The World

Happy Monday Lovelies! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I am just getting used to a new non 9 to 5 schedule over here.  It’s a bit of an adjustment and making me realize I need to re-think how to stay on top of the blog. It’s funny that when you seem to have more free time, you sometimes are less productive?  At least that’s how I’ve felt on the blogging front lately!

I wanted to continue sharing my posts that I wrote for Bodeefit this past year that no longer sit on the site.  These pieces were special to me so I definitely want to make sure I share them with you!

I’ve now been practicing yoga for three years and reflecting back can honestly say it’s been a life changer.


Living in different places has given me the opportunity to take classes from a plethora of yoga teachers. While each and every teacher has their own style of instructing there is always one constant. I always walk away learning something. Learning something about myself or the world around me.

Here are a few lessons I’ve taken off the yoga mat and into the world with me.

You can always start over. Every time you step on to your mat is a new chance to redefine who you are and what you’re capable of.

You can only control the controllable. You are in control of your own body and your own thoughts. Everything else is out of your control, so let it go.

Be present. Be present. Be present. Your practice may feel different from yesterday and not be the same tomorrow. When you are on your mat it is about here and now and nothing else.

Your breath is one of the most powerful tools you have. Your breath gives you life. It can calm you down or give you strength. Yoga allows you to take time out of your day and tune in to your breath, this power you have.

Be patient. Boy can we all use a refresher on patience now a days? In a world where so much information is at our fingertips we can forget that some of the best rewards in life take time and cultivation. Getting on your mat forces you to be patient with your body.

How has yoga changed your life?

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