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Dear 2015…

Dear 2015,

It’s hard to believe you are already coming to an end.  You went by way too fast, faster than the years before.  Can you tell your friend 2016 to slow it down a bit?  No matter how much I tell it “I can’t wait.”

Oh 2015, you were a memorable one.  You came into my life in one of the most surprising, exciting ways possible.  You taught me quite a bit, you brought me to new places, and you exposed me to new experiences.

On your second day 2015, you took my breath away.  At the top of a mountain I stood in shock, as the love of my life asked me to marry him.  Thank you 2015 for giving me a moment in time that when I close my eyes I can literally feel my heart melt every. single. time.  You also showed me what it’s like to realize how many people love me and are routing for my happiness.


Then you got pretty busy 2015.  On top of working full time, teaching part time, having a puppy, you threw in to the mix wedding planning.  Don’t worry 2015, I’m not complaining.  How fun was it visiting venues and getting free wine at every place?  All I’m saying is something had to give.  And now looking back, I guess I have to admit it was this blog.  And boy did I feel guilty.  Always making excuses, and trying to justify why I wasn’t writing, instead of just accepting the fact that other things were taking priority. Continue reading

Truly Eating Local

Hey there! Happy December people! I hope everyone’s holiday season has been a great one so far.  I can’t believe the 2015 year is coming to an end. Too fast, always.

With the holidays here, I always seem to over indulge just a tad during Christmas parties and family get togethers.  This means it’s even more important for me to really be eating clean during the week at least about 80% of the time.

Andy and I recently switched up where we are purchasing our meat.  For the past two years we have spent about $150-$200 a week on food shopping at Whole Foods.  We try to get grass fed, organic, and/or local meat whenever we can.  At Whole Foods this costs a pretty penny for sure.

Last month I came across a post on CTBites about Stuart Family Farm here in Connecticut.  The farm, located in Bridgewater, Connecticut, raises 100% grass-fed Red Angus cattle on 600 acres of land.  They also have pastured pork and poultry.  The farm is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays so Andy and I decided to take the hour long scenic drive north a few weekends ago.  We met the wonderful staff and also the little piggies.  It was a really cool experience to actually see where your food is coming from.


Rudy’s first encounter with these little piggies

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