Why I Quit My Job

Boy has it been a whirlwind around here lately. Change of season, new addition to the family, sleepless nights, and oh yeah I quit my job.

Yes, you read that right. I quit my nine to five high paying sales job in the corporate world. Why? Because I want to live a life I love.


I want to wake up every morning with the urge to jump out of bed and take on the day. I want to have time to read, and write, and teach yoga. I want to spend time with my other half and new puppy. I want to surround myself with like minded people. I want to sweat everyday and challenge myself physically but also mentally. I want to try new things, new activities, new practices. I want to have time to be a student of yoga to better my teaching. I want to be inspired in order to inspire others. I want to get outside more and breathe fresh air. I want to move and I want to get creative. I want to create a life where what I do to make a living meets my passions.


Now I’m not saying this to sound selfish.  Of course everyone wants to live a life they love.  And I’m not saying that at the first sign of struggle or challenge I think it’s a good idea to jump ship.

I’m saying this because I think it’s possible for anyone to make small, tiny, baby steps towards living a fulfilling life.  You just have to be patient and choose that you want it enough.

I spent months and months and months, chained to a desk, staring at a clock, waiting for the last hour to roll around.  It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t pretty, but I decided to start making changes on the side.

I listened to that little voice inside that was pushing me towards the journey to become a yoga teacher.  I made time (the hardest part) to start a blog and sustain it for over a year.  And I tried to find a job that not only would be conducive to my yoga teaching but that would mirror my passions and my desires that I spoke about above.


So I took a job with a yoga clothing brand.  It’s getting me out of the corporate world, away from a desk, and surrounding me with all things I love.  It was a scary decision.  Mostly because of all of that grown up stuff we have to think about…i.e. money and bills.   But in the end I decided to take the leap.  105459b05becc2ff7ffe94fbd8efbe20

Here’s to the next step in the journey – I hope you follow along!

Have you ever had to make a tough career choice?  I’d love to hear others’ stories!


  1. Congrats on the new job and new life!

    Two years ago I thought I had landed my “dream job” working in downtown SF. It was always a bucket list item for me to work in a big city, a la “Sex and the City.” But the job sucked my soul. It wasn’t worth the paycheck or the breezy 4-block commute from my apartment. So I found a job at a software startup an hour away. The commute takes up some time, but it’s something that really aligns my interests and talents. It’s so much better to spend the day doing something I’m good at with fun people all working toward a bigger goal, than looking at the clock and thinking about how just sitting here gets me a paycheck.

  2. Aurora says:

    Awesome! Yep — quit my job at a school I built and loved – and went and traveled the world. And then went and took a job that was a BIG step up for me in a place I never dreamed of living. and it all has been for the good! Congratulations!

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  4. Anna says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post but I love it! I’ve definitely been in this situation before. After college, with a photojournalism degree, I started working in television. At first it was pretty interesting because I was working on documentaries, which is what I love and wanted to do, but then I found myself working in reality television and hating it so much but not knowing how to get out of it. It took a really, really bad gig for me to realize that I can’t keep waking up in the morning depressed because I hate where I’m going, and I gave my two weeks notice. The day I walked out of there was the best! I’m still constantly fine tuning exactly what I want to be doing within the field, but I feel really good knowing what I don’t want to be doing 🙂 I’m proud of you for making this decision, and I’m sure you have some really exciting things ahead!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Anna! It is definitely scary not taking the safer path or more comfortable path – but I have a feeling it’s going to be well worth it! I love that you say “fine tuning.” Isn’t that what we all are really doing every day? And that’s perfectly okay!

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