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Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend Six

We are officially more than half way through our Yoga Teacher Training!  I can’t believe it! You always know when you go into something like this that it will probably fly by, but then when it does, ah! I wish I could freeze time or at least just slow it down during our training weekends.

This past weekend was sort of a new chapter for myself and my Yogaversity family.  We began our second half of the training “Descend into the Heart of Others.”  We dove head first into TEACHING!

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Mitchel and Tracy shared with us their process going into a class.  We went through the three major focuses of a yoga class; creating inspiration, having clear direction. and creating a meaningful and thought provoking class, ultimately leading to a transformational experience for your students.

  • We learned about sequencing and how to put together a healthy class where the student is ready and prepared for each pose.
  • We learned about adjustments and how to put students in proper alignment in some basic poses.
  • We learned about effective communication, a significant part of teaching yoga!  Ironically, this is probably what is most uncomfortable for me.  Learning to use my words and my voice in a clear, confident, and concise way in order to deliver a good class is going to take me way out of my comfort zone.

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A Paleo Slumber Party

Yes, I’m about to be 27 years old and still having slumber parties!  Okay, I guess I just used the term Slumber Party because it sounded better in the title.

We didn’t sit around in our feetsy pajamas, braiding each other’s hair, prank calling boys, and eating cupcakes.  We did sit around chatting, catching up, eating delicious food, drinking great wine, and even practiced some yoga.  Now that I think about it there actually was some hair cutting (my roommate is a hair dresser) and of course there was boy talk.  I guess some things never change.  Even when I looked back to our last girl’s night, we pretty much did the same thing.  I guess we’re just becoming more and more predictable in our older age.

I had planned on grilling for the girls since we’ve been finally getting some warmer weather.  Of course it was cold and rainy on Saturday, but that didn’t stop me!  Grill I did!

We had some big, juicy organic burgers minus the bun.  I put out mango salsa and avocado to top them with.  My friend Caroline brought over a corn and bean salad that she got from Rachel Ray.


For dessert my friend Missy, who is an awesome cook and baker, made a to die for chocolate pie.  Missy is paleo as well so her amazing dish came from a recipe from Danielle at Against All Grain. Continue reading

My Current Running Playlist

Happy Friday!  Who actually publishes Blog Posts on a Friday at 7PM?  Oh yeah, I do!

But hey cut me some slack.  Between work, Yoga Training, finding time to practice yoga and run, AND getting ready to move, I haven’t had the most free time in the world.

With that said, I wanted to share with you guys my current running playlist.  I’m a somewhat new Spotify user.  The boyfriend had been pushing me to try it forever and I finally caved.  He was right, it’s awesome!  You can get pretty much get any song / album you want offline for just $10 a month.  A pretty big savings if you are buying individual songs from iTunes.

This playlist might seem random to some but I like a pretty wide variety of music I would say.  This current playlist has been a mix of feel good music, new music, and just some good tempos / beats.

What’s on your running playlist right now?  I’d love to get some newbies!

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!  I have Yoga Teacher Training, so stay tuned for the re-cap!


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