5 Misconceptions About Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for a couple of years now. And when I say it’s been a life changer for me, well it literally has been (I recently finished my Yoga Teacher Training). With that said, a majority of my inner circle, my close friends and family have never stepped foot on a yoga mat.

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As yoga becomes a bigger part of my life, I find myself wanting to share it more with the people I love. I’ve realized it’s not because I have failed to “sell” yoga that they haven’t tried it, it’s because there are so many misconceptions about yoga and the people who teach or practice yoga.

5 Misconceptions About Yoga

You have to be flexible to practice yoga. Not at all! Are body builders the only ones who lift weights? Are marathoners the only people who run? Rome wasn’t built in a day people! You go to yoga so that when you are 50 you can still tie your shoes!

It’s not a good work out. First, there are different kinds of yoga classes. Some will leave you drenched and hundreds of calories lighter. Others will leave you feeling open and free of that chronic pain you’ve had for weeks. If we can practice something that puts our body in it’s optimum alignment, I’d say that’s a pretty awesome work out!

Yoga is generally for women. Not true! Some of the best teachers in the world are men. More and more my classes are filled with men, sometimes more than women. Some studios are even starting to teach male only classes!

All yogi’s are vegetarians / vegans / hippies. I know plenty of yogis who eat burgers, drive SUV’s, and yes even drink beer!

My class will be full of experts and experienced yogis. More and more people are trying yoga for the first time these days. Every class, even open level classes, have beginners! And, no one cares or knows that you are a beginner!

Every exercise, practice, or art has it’s generalizations and misconceptions. If we could all be a little more open to trying new things, we may find we can stumble across something that may just change your life!


  1. These are all such amazing points, especially the one about flexibility. I am not flexible at all and have learned that it’s simply not important.

    PS- I’m thinking about starting teaching training in March…

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