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The Connecticut Wine Trail

Hey there kiddos!  Happy hump day.  It’s quite the dreary day over here but I do have it off and am taking advantage of the time to do some catch up.  It’s funny on my days off how the day flies by.  It’s my day “off” but I guess I try to squeeze everything in.  Vacuming, cleaning, laundry, wedding stuff, blog stuff, planning yoga sequences, making dinner, oh and showering at some point in there.  Is that what life looks like after babies?  Except you have a human child who you can’t let just lay on the couch the entire day.  That must be tough. 

Anyways, I wanted to share some exciting news.  Andy and I have officially handed in our Connecticut Wine Trail Passports!  Have you heard of the Connecticut Wine Trail Passport Program?  Basically, if you go to a certain number of wineries across the state you are entered into a couple of contests.  We managed to get 16 stamps this first year we participated, which means we are entered to win a trip to Spain!

I really enjoyed this adventure for the sole reason that you really get to explore the state!  We went to places we would probably never travel to otherwise and of course for the wine!

Here are a few highlights from our adventures.  We started around April or May and just finished last weekend.

I’ll start with a picture from one of my favorites, Gouveia Vineyards.  And it just so happens that this one is my very own hometown of Wallingford, CT.  Oh the sunsets.

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Just Write

Just write. Just write. Just write. Go to  Pass by the ‘stats’ and visitor numbers and views. Click add new post. And write.

That’s what got me here tonight.

If you scroll underneath this post you will see my last blog was in September. In my first year as creator of The Primal Yogi I sat down and wrote a post 2 to 3 times a week, every week.  That’s when I was living alone, working 9 – 5, and figuring out my way in the world (yes this is still happening).

Fast forward a year later and a lot had changed. I had moved in with Andy, I had completed yoga teacher training, was about to get a new little furry guy, and a new job.  The posts still came but were more spread out.

Fast forward 6 months after that and I had gotten engaged, had a new job that no longer had me sitting in front of a computer, had a side job of teaching yoga with the goal of growing that area as well.  My blog and my writing slowly started to dissipate.

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