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Why I Eat Breakfast for Dinner

Happy Friday loves! It’s no secret to anyone close to me or who reads this blog that I eat A LOT of eggs. And usually for…dinner!

Yup, that’s right. Eggs for dinner.  At least 3 to 4 times a week. Most people are baffled by this.

Don’t you get tired of the same meal? Egg yolks are bad for you. What a boring dinner.

Nope! For three years now, since going primal, I look forward to my bacon and eggs throughout the week and I don’t see that changing too soon.

Here’s why:

Why I Eat Breakfast for Dinner2013-08-27 19.48.16

1. It’s easy! Duh. Who doesn’t love a meal that takes 10 minutes to whip up? Continue reading

5 Reasons I Want To Go To Wanderlust

Hi friends! Have you ever heard of Wanderlust Festivals? Well whether you have or haven’t I guarantee you will want to know about Wanderlust.


I’ve heard about Wanderlust since I started practicing yoga. Back then I thought it was a festival where a bunch of people who are really good at yoga go with their other friends who are really good at yoga. Everyone drinks green juice, stands on their head, and talks about their recent sabbatical to India.

Well the more I’ve learned about Wanderlust the more I realize it is SO much more than that. Wanderlust hosts festivals all across the country in magical places. I am so excited that this year I will be going to the Stratton Vermont festival as a Wanderlust Wayfarer (think brand ambassador).  I am over the moon about this opportunity.  I will be working with local studios and yoga teachers to spread the word about Wanderlust and even coordinating a pre-festival event!

***UPDATE: As an official Wayfarer for Wanderlust Stratton, I am pleased to announce that I’ve been given a special 10% Wanderlust discount code for my community! The discount applies to 4-Day, 3-Day or 1-Day tickets to Wanderlust Stratton.  To redeem, comment telling me you’d like the discount code.  I will email it to you and all you have to do is go to this link and enter the code.

Here are just a few reasons I am ecstatic to attend this amazing event:

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My Current Yoga Playlist

Happy Snow Day, again!  I can just maybe get used to this!  Snowy, cozy, and spending time with my two favorite boys?  I’ll take it.

I had such a peaceful morning.  I couldn’t sleep so I woke up early and did an at home yoga practice.  Typically when I do this I lead myself through a practice which helps me create new sequences for teaching, so a win win. But this morning I really just wanted to be “led” by someone else.

Have you ever heard of Codyapp?  It’s a website that offers videos from fitness professionals or yoga teachers.  I saw that Meghan Currie was one of their teachers.  I have heard great things about her, so decided to check it out!  I purchased her Strength Intelligence series and loved it.  She talked a lot about finding the balance between strength and ease in yoga and in life.  Yes, I like her!

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