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Meatza Pizza!

Alright people, I’ve been wanting to make a Meatza for quite some time now. Ever since I saw a recipe for it in Diane Sanfilippo’s 21 day sugar detox book back in January!

I mean how could you really go wrong with a giant pie of ground beef topped with your favorite savory (and sweet) ingredients? It’s like paleo / primal heaven. For those non cave men and women…well they kind of look at you like you have two heads when you explain the Meatza concept. ‘Wait you use meat as the crust? Red meat? Like ground beef? How?’

The best part of meatza pizzas is you can make them individual size meaning whatever toppings your little heart desires. No compromising with the picky other half on this one!

Meatza Pizza
Makes 2 pies

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What I Ate Wednesday #7

Hi friends! I’m back on the What I Ate Wednesday routine. People at work probably think I’m crazy when they see me snapping photos of my mini clementine…but hey blogging means being awkward sometimes.  Thanks Jenn for hosting!

My eats from yesterday were a combo of the regular staples and some new things I added to the mix!

Yesterday morning it was 50 degrees in CT. This means I have officially converted to hot coffee now.

photo 1 (43)

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We Got a Puppy!

Happy Tuesday loves!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Monday.  This post was supposed to be published yesterday but I have a bit of distraction in my life as of Saturday.  Yes, that’s you read that right, we got a puppy!

Meet Rudy, our 8 week old Goldendoodle!

photo 1 (42)

He is by far the cutest little pup ever.  Yup, I am already starting to sound like one of those.  I even called him my puppy child on instagram….ahhh.

On the way to pick him up I must have repeated “I can’t believe we are getting a dog!” hundreds of times.  It’s obviously a big commitment and I just kept thinking, what if we’re not ready.  Well, I can tell you 48 hours in, it’s definitely an adjustment…but worth it!

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