To Be Honest…

To Be Honest…

To be honest I’m actually scared sh*tless half of the time. I live my life dancing between feeling inspired and doubting myself. I dream big dreams and I even go after them. The thing is…when I do go after them, inside I’m freaking out screaming ‘how am I going to do this?’ Who am I to be a teacher, to lead people, to inspire people, to create something? Who am I to….(fill in the blank with everything I have created  or want to create in my life).


To be honest…
I’m still learning. I start things way before I am I think I am ready for them and most of the time I come out on the other side demolishing my own doubts. I do it and I do it well.

Where does this doubt come from?

To be honest…
I’m not sure but I’m exploring it. I’m peeling away the layers little by little. I sit quietly or I come to my mat hoping the answers will appear. Sometimes they do in little glimmers and sometimes they don’t.

To be honest…
Writing this is really just a way for me to give myself a pep talk.

You got this girl. Everything you need to know is already in you. You just have to trust yourself, your knowledge, your commitment, your love.

To put it simply…all you are doing is creating space for people in a world where it is so desperately needed.

Space to breathe, to move, to relax, to nourish, to heal. Space to find ease and peace so that life is a little easier and more peaceful. Space to find joy, make connections, whether with themselves or with others. Space to understand what makes them tick, makes them feel alive. Space to realize where they’re holding back or what they’re hiding from. Space to get back to who they truly are with out the layers upon layers of mud collected through out life.

Because that’s what yoga has opened up for me. And even though it’s a never ending journey, I am overwhelmingly grateful I’m on it.

Three Practices to Cultivate Gratitude

Over the past few weeks I have been talking to my yoga students about what we actually need to practice in order to cultivate gratitude.  It’s easy to just say, especially around this time of year, ‘be grateful’ or ‘think of three things you are thankful for.’

You can easily spew out a few things around the Thanksgiving dinner table that you are glad to have in your life, right?  In order to truly reach this state of gratitude I think there are a few other steps on the road to getting there. img_3708

Presence.  Are you really present for your life?  In your conversations with loved ones?  On your drive to work? Continue reading

Why Eat Local?

It’s been almost a full year since Andy and I decided to start buying our meat from a local farm right here in Connecticut.  Despite the fact that we have a giant freezer chest in our guest bedroom, it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our wallets, our health, and (now I’m realizing) our environment.


Photo from http://www.stuartfamilyfarm.com

After I processed last week’s election results I realized that real change starts with us individuals right here at home.  We can’t sit around and wait for our leaders to enact change.  It is absolutely necessary that all of us as citizens of this country and humans of this earth begin to make changes that will reverse climate change and start to improve our environmental conditions.

By the way have you seen the new documentary ‘Before the Flood?’ Bonus…Leo is in it.

So I went to Facebook and asked my friends, what can I do to get more involved?  I received a list of organizations to look up from helping clean up our shores to learning more about solar energy.  And while I do want to investigate all of these avenues, I realized that my first step should be to share what we are already doing in our household, that 99.9% of people are not doing. 

Purchasing local, grass-fed beef and pasture raised poultry and pork, is one of the best things you can do for the environment. 

When cows are able to graze in open pastures and are rotated frequently, a natural process occurs.   Continue reading

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