5 Tips For Making Moving Less Stressful

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! My weekend was filled with packing, unpacking, organizing, and decorating. Yup you guessed it, we moved!

Andy and I officially live together! Big steps, big steps.

photo 2 (27)

View from our new house

I absolutely love our new place and feel so lucky to have found it. It’s a two bedroom house (adios apartment living) right on the river with an awesome view and deck to enjoy it.

Now let me tell you I am no stranger to moving. Since graduating college in 2009 I have lived in four different apartments in Boston and Connecticut. Everyone knows moving does not come stress free. There’s just nothing really fun about the process of packing up everything you own transporting it just to simply unpack it all. Fortunately with my years of experience I have learned a few things to help make the process a teeny bit smoother.

My 5 Tips For Making Moving Less Stressful (TWEET THIS)

Goodwill Is Your Friend: One thing moving always reveals is ‘wow I have a lot of stuff.’ We live in a society where more = better. More clothes, more shoes, more stuff. A few weeks prior to moving I will start going through my closet and drawers. The test is: if I haven’t worn it in over a year, toss it. I filled up three trash bags of clothes and linens to donate! There are all different organizations you can donate to but this time I chose Goodwill. If there is a Goodwill donation center near you, I definitely recommend it. You drive up and they will literally take whatever you give them! It’s super convenient.

Wine Boxes: Wine boxes make great boxes for kitchen items. You can go to your local liquor store and pick some up easily. Most stores will have a bunch of them available on a weekly basis. These are great for packing glasses, mugs, oils, serving utensils, and a ton more.

Paper Towels for Wrapping: I used to get newspaper to wrap all of my fragile things with. This would get a little messy. Your hands turn black and the items you’re wrapping get marked up…no bueno. This year I wrapped everything that needed it with paper towels. Much cleaner!

photo 2 (28)

Hireahelper.com: Andy found this website that allowed him to hire some movers at a really cheap rate. If you are not traveling a long distance renting a moving truck (Budget, UHaul) is really cheap. If you have the truck you go to hireahelper.com and simply hire a couple of guys to move your furniture and large items.

Turn Trash Bags into Garment Bags: I learned this trick a while back. Take a draw string trash bag and turn it upside down. Poke a hole in the center of the bottom of the bag. Take a chunk of clothes hanging in your closet and feed the hanger hooks through the hole. Pull the bag down over your clothes and tie at the bottom. Wah lah!

Do you have any tips or tricks when you’re moving? Add them to the list!


  1. freshtheblog says:

    Awesome tips. Thanks! Moving is fun once you start getting close to fully unpacking in your new place, but until then, it’s chaos!

    Your view is amazing! I dream of a water view and a patio on which to enjoy a drink at the end of the day 🙂

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