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How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

Okay, let’s start this with a confession.  I don’t clean my yoga mat nearly as much as I should.  There I said it.  And I’m assuming at least 90% of yogis out there would say the same thing!  If you live in the suburbs and drive to yoga, it’s pretty safe to assume that your yoga mat hardly ever sees anything besides your car’s back seat and your yoga studio floor.

The problem is that whenever I roll out my mat I immediately want to pick up the, what seems like hundreds, of fuzzies and hairs.  No mater how many I pick off, there always seems to be more!

I was determined to find a solution so I thought, well I need something sticky.  What is sticky and on a roller?  A lint brush!  It was the perfect way to pick up all of those unwanted hairs and fuzzies off of your mat.  The first time I broke out the lint brush before class, everyone loved the idea.  Apparently this was revolutionary; no one had ever seen it before! Woo hoo go Kelsey!

How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

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What You Need

  • Pants Hanger (the kind with the two clips)
  • Sticky Lint Roller
  • Sponge
  • Swinging Door (closet door works well)
  1. Take your hanger and clip it on to the shorter side of your yoga mat.
  2. Hang your mat on a free swinging door.
  3. Lint roll one side and then the other.
  4. Dampen a sponge and wipe down each side.

That’s it!

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A Yoga Photo Shoot with Yogis of Connecticut

Last weekend marked the end of my Yoga Teacher Training (post coming soon). To commemorate this incredible journey Alley, one of my fellow teacher trainees, offered to do a photo shoot with some of us! Alley has such a talent for capturing beautiful moments on camera, and lucky for us, has pretty much documented our whole training in photos.


Alley works throughout Connecticut, particularly Fairfield County, and specializes in fitness photography.  Check out her Facebook page, Yogis of Connecticut.

I jumped on the opportunity to have a photo shoot with her. We chose a picturesque park that had a huge, somewhat famous, Willow tree great for photographing under. Continue reading

How To Make Homemade Paleo Beef Jerky

So there’s definitely been a sort of jerky craze going on in my world lately. Andy and I started playing around with making our own back in January when I was doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

Then all of the sudden I started noticing more and more jerky companies in the stores and it seemed everyone around me was making it too! So I’ve basically been trying a ton of jerky over the past 6 months…and will say I like ours the best!

Since more and more people have been asking how the heck we make this healthy, great for paleo snacking jerky, I thought I’d share our method.

We started out doing it in the oven. Yup that’s right you can do it right in your very own oven! In our new house we have a gas stove and I just wasn’t comfortable leaving it on for an extended period of time so we bought a dehydrator.

photo (13)

What You Need
Top Round Steak
Your Own Healthy Marinade
Electric Oven or Food Dehydrator
Cutting Board
Large Sharp Knife Continue reading