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We Got a Puppy!

Happy Tuesday loves!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Monday.  This post was supposed to be published yesterday but I have a bit of distraction in my life as of Saturday.  Yes, that’s you read that right, we got a puppy!

Meet Rudy, our 8 week old Goldendoodle!

photo 1 (42)

He is by far the cutest little pup ever.  Yup, I am already starting to sound like one of those.  I even called him my puppy child on instagram….ahhh.

On the way to pick him up I must have repeated “I can’t believe we are getting a dog!” hundreds of times.  It’s obviously a big commitment and I just kept thinking, what if we’re not ready.  Well, I can tell you 48 hours in, it’s definitely an adjustment…but worth it!

Here is what the first 48 hours have looked like with a puppy. Continue reading