Finding My ‘Why’

That’s a big statement, huh?  Finding my ‘Why’.

Last week, driving to work, I turned on one of my favorite podcasts at the moment, SoulFeed. The episode was titled, How to Manifest the Career You Want.  I highly suggest a listen to anyone who is often questioning their path in life (aren’t we all?).  Whether your path in your career or simply who you are being for this world and the people in it.

I had an ah ha moment while listening to Shannon. His very first point talked about starting with ‘Why.’ An idea that Simon Sinek writes about in his book “Start With Why.” Why are you doing the things you are doing in life?  Deep down at your core, what’s driving you?

This idea and conversation sparked some contemplation in me.  And this is when the light bulb went off.


Why do I teach yoga?

Life is hectic, hard, stressful, chaotic, busy.  I can go on, we all know that.

Growing up I saw that from an early age.  I saw the adults around me constantly stressed.  Stressed from work, from relationships, from losing loved ones, from the house being messy, from the never ending to do list, from money, from not having enough time.

When I entered the ‘real world’ and started working and living on my own, I experienced all of these stresses first hand.  I needed a way to cope, to deal, to make it better.

That is what yoga was for me.  It was a time for me to slow down, be with myself, get quiet, and breathe.  Once I started practicing yoga I found I could live with a little more ease. I had a coping mechanism.  My mind got quieter so I could really tune in to who I really was.  What made my heart beat. What inspired me.

My yoga mat, being outside, fresh air, sunsets, mountain top views.  They all give me this feeling that I never knew I was seeking.  A feeling of calm, of quiet, of peace.  A feeling that is hard to come by in a world where we are constantly over stimulated.

I know I have SO much to be grateful for and a pretty freakin’ good life. So it makes me think…there are so many people out there who have it really rough day to day. People who are facing challenges, loss, and who struggle in some capacity every single day.

So, what if I can provide a resource, an outlet, to cope, to find a sliver of calm, a peace, a little ease.   If we all had access to this we would all move through the world a little bit more mindfully.  Maybe a little bit kinder to ourselves and to others.  And little by little the world might be a little bit calmer, a little bit kinder, and a little bit of a better place to be. 

I tell you this not to boast or brag.  I am sharing this so that you might sit down tonight and really think about why you are doing the things you are doing.  And if the why aligns with who you truly are and what you want for this world, then just maybe you’re on the right track.





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