We Got a Puppy!

Happy Tuesday loves!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Monday.  This post was supposed to be published yesterday but I have a bit of distraction in my life as of Saturday.  Yes, that’s you read that right, we got a puppy!

Meet Rudy, our 8 week old Goldendoodle!

photo 1 (42)

He is by far the cutest little pup ever.  Yup, I am already starting to sound like one of those.  I even called him my puppy child on instagram….ahhh.

On the way to pick him up I must have repeated “I can’t believe we are getting a dog!” hundreds of times.  It’s obviously a big commitment and I just kept thinking, what if we’re not ready.  Well, I can tell you 48 hours in, it’s definitely an adjustment…but worth it!

Here is what the first 48 hours have looked like with a puppy.


4:30PM: We picked Rudy up from the breeder.  Only an hour away from us and here in Connecticut.  They still have one puppy left if anyone is interested!  We brought some supplies with us for the car ride including:

  • A blanket to cover the back seat
  • A couple of towels in case of any accidents
  • His collar and leash
  • A toy that we rubbed against his brothers and sisters

5:30PM: We stopped off to visit our friends. They were at a vineyard that we were passing and so decided to let them meet the little guy.  I was a little hesitant at first but he was so calm and stayed in our laps pretty much the whole time. He was of course a hit with everyone there!

7:30PM: We got him home and let him check the place out.  He went to the bathroom outside and had no accidents the first night.  He was pretty sleepy too.  He even went to bed in his crate super easy.  He cried a little bit but that was it.  Success!

photo 3 (38)


5:00AM: I heard him moving around so got up and let him out.  He peed and this time when I put him back in his crate he cried for a few minutes.  I laid by him for a little and he went back to sleep.

8:00AM: Andy heard him moving around so let him out again. This time he did number one and two.  We brought him back inside and played with him.  We let him in our bed, which may not have been the best idea! You’ll see what I mean during night number two.

11:00AM:  I left to go teach a yoga class and Andy was leaving to go to Whole Foods to do our weekly shopping.  Andy said he was crying excruciatingly loud.

12:00PM: We got home to a crying pup who had an accident in his crate…number two…no fun!  We took him outside right away so he knew that’s where he is supposed to do his business and we cleaned up.

1:00PM – 7:00PM: We had some friends over for Sunday Football.  Rudy was great.  He has bursts of energy and lulls of sleepiness where he conks out.  It’s like a puppy roller coaster!


7:00 – 11:00PM: Our night was spent continuing to watch Rudy’s roller coaster antics.  We fed him dinner and let him outside hoping to get a number two since he hadn’t since the crate “accident.”  We finally got one!

11:00PM: Bedtime.  Not as easy as night number one. He was jumping at the bed (first mistake in puppy parenting) and didn’t want much to do with the crate.  We tried putting him in there when he was really sleepy but that didn’t seem to work.  He was crying super loud and so I caved. I know, bad move.  But all I did was put his bed we got for the living room next to our bed.  And that is where he slept the whole night, with no crying.


5:45AM: I woke up early to let the pup out and feed him.  As he was eating I thought I’d start to do some blogging.  Well when I checked on him a few minutes later, he had an accident on the rug (second mistake in puppy parenting).  The next hour was spent with me trying to simultaneously blog and entertain Rudy…not easy!

7:30AM: I left for work and Andy had already left for the gym.  I put Rudy in his crate and had to run out of the house because of how hard it was to hear him cry.

He ended up having a great day with dad though.  He went to the Vet for his first check up and was super calm and looking healthy.  We’ve had no more number two accidents inside again yet, but plenty of pee accidents.  I think his bladder must be the size of a dime!

And so the reality of getting a puppy has set in.  There will be lots of things to get used to and routines that need to be changed.  But it is already worth it!  Does anyone have any puppy tips? Especially for the first few weeks? I would love to hear!



  1. Anna says:

    I want a dog so badly! Rudy is so adorable! It really does sound like having a baby, haha. I’m really hoping that wherever we live next will allow dogs, because there’s only so much longer that I can go without caving and getting one anyway. We’re going to need all the tips we can get so I definitely enjoyed reading the 48 hour breakdown! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness it is! It’s a lot of work and more than I probably was thinking. He’s adorable and I love him – but puppies have so much energy and don’t know what they can and can not do! I will definitely be posting more as we navigate our way through puppy parenthood. And hopefully one day soon it can help you!

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