Dear 2015…

Dear 2015,

It’s hard to believe you are already coming to an end.  You went by way too fast, faster than the years before.  Can you tell your friend 2016 to slow it down a bit?  No matter how much I tell it “I can’t wait.”

Oh 2015, you were a memorable one.  You came into my life in one of the most surprising, exciting ways possible.  You taught me quite a bit, you brought me to new places, and you exposed me to new experiences.

On your second day 2015, you took my breath away.  At the top of a mountain I stood in shock, as the love of my life asked me to marry him.  Thank you 2015 for giving me a moment in time that when I close my eyes I can literally feel my heart melt every. single. time.  You also showed me what it’s like to realize how many people love me and are routing for my happiness.


Then you got pretty busy 2015.  On top of working full time, teaching part time, having a puppy, you threw in to the mix wedding planning.  Don’t worry 2015, I’m not complaining.  How fun was it visiting venues and getting free wine at every place?  All I’m saying is something had to give.  And now looking back, I guess I have to admit it was this blog.  And boy did I feel guilty.  Always making excuses, and trying to justify why I wasn’t writing, instead of just accepting the fact that other things were taking priority.

Despite your busyness 2015, I learned a lot from you.  I learned that I am in control of my body and my health and my well being.  I learned that in order to quit a very bad habit that I had for a very long time, I just had to decide that I no longer wanted that habit.  I learned that there are doctors out there who do not rely on writing you prescriptions but find out what’s going on inside the body, educate you, and start healing it from the inside out.  Because of that my body is now much more ready to make babies (one day, far away) and my hair is growing longer and faster (yay!).  I also learned that switching to natural deodorant is quite the experiment.  Oh AND 2015 you brought us to a great little farm, not too far away, so that we now know exactly where the meat we are eating is coming from.

2015, you were full of opportunity too.  Opportunities that brought me to a beautiful place surrounded by what I love…good views, good food, and yoga. You showed me what it’s like to truly disconnect, step out of my comfort zone, and be a student.  You exposed me to new people who I may have never met otherwise.


You brought me to new places like Negril, Jamaica.  You made me remember what cliff jumping is like and that it might get a little bit scarier as you get older.  You also showed me that you don’t have to travel too far to explore new, beautiful places and that I will never be without wine living in Connecticut. 


Oh sweet 2015, you kept me humble.  You proved to me that a year in to teaching yoga, I still get nervous when I step in front of a classroom.  You also proved that 99% of the time I am excited to teach and that maybe 1% of the time I wish I could sleep in on that Sunday morning.  You proved to me that 100% of the time I leave teaching feeling grateful, invigorated, and at peace all at the same time.


I also learned a few things from your not so great days 2015.  I realized I have a bad habit of gluing my eyes to a little screen that I hold in my two hands.  I realized I should always stick with my gut especially when making pretty big decisions.  I saw that this world can be a scary place, but that I can choose how and who to spend my time with, so that my world isn’t so scary.  I realized that I have a pretty nasty voice inside of my head, a lot, that’s telling me I’m not that great at what I do, no matter how many times I hear otherwise.

And most of all 2015, you taught me that you are unique.  And that no one of your days was exactly like the next.  You taught me that things are constantly changing, moment to moment.  You taught me that finding gratitude for all the little things is what keeps me going.  But you also showed me that it’s pretty freaking hard to do that every single day.  So there will be those days or weeks, that I pout and complain, and compare.  But those moments won’t last. And as long as I make the effort to surround myself with people I love and make the conscious choice to be happy, I can and will be.


No offense 2015.  Tell your friend 2016, I’m ready.





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