Wanderlust Stratton – Fresh Air & Wide Open Space

Fresh mountain air, wide open spaces,  inspiring teachers, beautiful souls…and the list goes on.  Wanderlust was everything I thought it would be and more.  I spent five days in the Green Mountain State practicing yoga, learning from wise and talented teachers, meeting new people, listening to feel good music, and taking yoga selfies at the summit of Stratton Mountain (obviously a must).


Here is a little re-cap so you all can get a mini dose of what this awesome festival is like.

I drove up by myself.  It’s funny I was a little nervous at first. I hadn’t done a solo road trip in quite some time (or maybe ever now that I think about it).


As soon as I arrived I was greeted with this.  I knew I was about to have quite the unforgettable weekend.

18968433938_008346dba2_oDay one looked something like this.  A little hiking, a workshop with Elena Meta, yoga with Elena Brower, and an awesome opening show full of music by DJ Drez & MC Yogi and jaw dropping acroyoga. 

IMG_2726 unnamedIMG_4675IMG_4693

Day two was a LOT of yoga.  I took class with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman, Seane Corn, and Elena Brower again.  I loved them all for different reasons.

Rodney and Colleen reminded me of my home practice since one of my teachers studies with them.


Seane Corn made me cry in pigeon.  She is a beautiful teacher and known for getting through to her students on a pretty deep level throughout the practice.


Elena Brower is amazing.  Her voice and teaching is so powerful.  I was a little bit yoga celebrity struck if you can’t tell from the pictures.

IMG_4700Day three was exciting for me.  I took a workshop with one of my very first yoga teachers from Boston!  I also took the most fun yoga class ever, with MC Yogi.  By the time I finished that I was pretty exhausted so a friend and I took the gondola to the top of the mountain and played around.  It was so, so beautiful.


I took one of my very first ‘hip hop yoga’ classes with Goldie when I was living in Boston.  Talk about coming full circle!  It was pretty cool because when I thought about it, if it weren’t for her I may not be where I am today!

MC Yogi is super cool.  He’s a yoga rapper (yes for real) AND a yoga teacher.  We not only practiced in his class but we danced and took some selfies for instagram #yogabuddysystem.


It was awesome to be able to take the gondola up to the top on Saturday.  It was such a gorgeous day and an opportunity to find some quiet.IMG_2778IMG_2752IMG_2772

The last day was bittersweet like any last day of a vacation.  Friends were leaving early to beat the traffic or get home to family.  I was staying for the very last class so just took the day to myself to soak in the whole weekend.

I ate delicious food.  This salad was a hit at the festival.  It was from a local farm and made with all fresh local ingredients and even paired with some gluten-free bread. Yum!


I got painted on!


The last class was special.  MC Yogi and his wife Amanda led it.  They told stories of gods and goddesses, rapped about the chakras, and led us through a class that had hundreds of yogis linked arm to arm and hugging each other.  And then as a Wanderlust Wayfarer I had the opportunity to adjust people in savasana! It was super cool.


One of the craziest things happened right before I left.  I had filled out this card when I arrived on the first day.  How do you find your true north it asked.  I then left it and sent it out into the abyss of hundreds of other cards.  Well guess what ended up back in my hand at the end of the last class.  I was holding a pile of them to hand out and BAM there was my very own.  The universe works in very special ways I tell you.


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