Just Write

Just write. Just write. Just write. Go to theprimalyogi.com.  Pass by the ‘stats’ and visitor numbers and views. Click add new post. And write.

That’s what got me here tonight.

If you scroll underneath this post you will see my last blog was in September. In my first year as creator of The Primal Yogi I sat down and wrote a post 2 to 3 times a week, every week.  That’s when I was living alone, working 9 – 5, and figuring out my way in the world (yes this is still happening).

Fast forward a year later and a lot had changed. I had moved in with Andy, I had completed yoga teacher training, was about to get a new little furry guy, and a new job.  The posts still came but were more spread out.

Fast forward 6 months after that and I had gotten engaged, had a new job that no longer had me sitting in front of a computer, had a side job of teaching yoga with the goal of growing that area as well.  My blog and my writing slowly started to dissipate.


At some point last week I was getting ready for work and I found my mind racing. Literally top speed, one thought after another, some having nothing to do with the other.  I paused and thought (surprising), Kelsey you just have to write. 

Without ever actually realizing it (until I’m writing it at this very moment), for me, writing is therapeutic.

I spoke in my yoga classes this week about Pratyhara.  One of the eight limbs of yoga that translates to the withrdawal of all five senses.  Our world is moving at lightning speed.  We are hardly ever disconnected.  We have the answer to anything at our fingertips.  We sit in front of a computer all day, drive home in a sea of headlights while talking to our loved ones through a little device in our ear, to get home and sit in front of a giant box that’s yelling back at us.  Once we’re home we check our personal email on our portable computer while that giant box is still yelling in the background (I may or may not be doing this at this very moment).  We are on stimulation overload. 

And all of those devices that are stealing our attention need to be recharged. Need time to shut off.  So shouldn’t we need the same? We do.

So for me that looks like first and foremost, getting outside. Finding five minutes to breathe in silence (some call this meditation).  And now I’m realizing…it means writing.

So if you pop on over to my site and see I haven’t written in a while, know it’s because I’m letting life get the best of me.  And know that I’ll come back around when that stimulation gets to be too much.  And I need an outlet to recharge.

Until next time…

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