A Day in Hudson Valley

Hi Loves! Yesterday Andy and I celebrated our two year anniversary.  We both decided to take the day off and do a little day trip to Hudson Valley…close but yet far from home.  It’s been on my list to check out the Hudson Valley area, especially in the fall since it’s known for it’s gorgeous foliage.

I did a little research and found that there is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world right in Poughkeepsie!  I also found a bunch of wineries in the area that looked beautiful.  So we set out to do just that….walk a little, take in the views, and sip some wine among the beautiful scenery.

We thought this would be perfect, since we do have a little fur child to worry about now.  Everything was dog friendly which was perfect!

Here is a re-cap in pictures of our day in Hudson Valley.

Rudy still isn’t so sure about long car rides.


The Walkway Over the Hudson was recently built and starts in Poughkeepsie.  There is a parking lot right at the entrance making it easily accessible.


It was a gorgeous day!  Even though we may have been a couple of weeks late the foliage was still stunning!


Not to mention the view of the Hudson River!


Rudy had to be carried from time to time.  A 13 week old pup isn’t the best walker we found out.  I guess we still love him.


The view looking north up the Hudson River.


From the Walkway we headed to New Paltz.  What a cute little town! We stopped in this cheese shop, The Cheese Plate.  They made us a cheese plate to go!

photo 1 (48)

Then we headed to Robibero Winery in New Paltz. This Winery was fantastic!  We pretty much had the place to ourselves being a Monday.


They are dog friendly, both outside and inside!  Rudy is a wine connoisseur in training.


I definitely recommend this winery.  They had great wines, both red and white and is set on a beautiful piece of land with a fire pit and all!


That’s all folks!  Have you guys ever been to Hudson Valley?  Where are your favorite spots?  I’d love to go back!


  1. Anna says:

    Love the Hudson Valley! We go several times a year for the wineries, too 🙂 And occasionally, we’ll go for a day just to have dinner somewhere quieter than the city and then return the following morning.

    I’ve only been to New Paltz once, but when I was there we went hiking and rock scrambling near the Mohonk House, which is a ridiculously expensive no-frills resort. Didn’t stay there, but it’s very pretty and you can just hang out by the water after you hike, or sit in their rocking chairs and enjoy the view.

    Bear Mountain is also a nice spot for hiking and Octoberfest in the fall. The view is similar to the one from the bridge in Poughkeepsie. And since I remember you mentioning beer in previous posts, you can hike Breakneck Ridge and then go to the Peekskill brewery for a flight, dinner, and an awesome sunset 🙂

    • Anna! I have wanted to go to Hudson Valley ever since seeing you post about it – so thank you for the original advice. And thank you so much for all of these ideas. Will definitely be back!

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