How I Started A Blog

It’s been almost two months since I started The Primal Yogi so I thought I’d write about my progress so far and how I started a blog.


Why Did I Decide to Start a Blog?

I’ve always loved reading blogs especially food blogs, travel blogs, and just all around healthy living blogs.  It started with discovering Carrots n’ Cake and Adventurous Kate.  I started reading theirs about three years ago and it’s been really cool to see how far they’ve come since then.

I’ve always loved writing, even though I don’t think I realized it until recently.  Whenever I’ve traveled for long periods of time I would write a journal. In 2011 I started Yelping and to date have over 150 reviews.  So I recently realized I guess I like to write! Whether it be for myself or to share thoughts with others.

I have a lot of thoughts that run through my brain on a daily basis so I think writing is almost therapeutic for me….just to get it out!


Steps to Start This Blog

  • Decide what to write about.  It’s pretty easy to write about things you love so I decided this blog would be focused on healthy living and travel.
  • Pick a name. That’s a tough one.  You want something relevant to what you will write about and continue to write about, something that would make other’s want to read your blog, and make sure it’s not taken!
  • Set up a WordPress account. Buy your domain name.  If I hadn’t bought my domain name my address would be
  • Start writing!  I’ve been trying to be consistent writing about three posts a week.  I’ve had the same theme every Tuesday, except this Tuesday ironically.

Steps to Grow Your Blog & Gain Readers

  • I’ve taken a bunch of tips from Tina at Carrot’s n Cake and Anne at
  • I registered my blog on Foodie Blogroll.  They feature all different food blogs daily on their site, have contests and promotions you can participate in, and give you a widget for your blog (look to the right)
  • I signed up for Bloglovin.  This is an awesome site I just discovered.  You can search for ANY blog on their site and ‘Follow’ it.  It then takes all of the blogs you follow and puts them on your homepage as sort of “news-feed.” Once you claim your own Blog you can get a widget for your readers to click and ‘Follow” your blog (look to the right).  They even have an app which brings all of your favorite blogs to your fingertips!

photo photo (1)

I know I have a ton of things to learn about this whole blogging world.  I think I’m off to a good start mainly because I’m having fun doing it…even if I’m talking to no one!  Where have you gotten your best blogging tips?



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