Yoga Teacher Training – Final Weekend!

I am officially a trained yoga teacher! My final yoga teacher training weekend was already two weeks ago. I have subconsciously put off writing this post for a few reasons.

I’m not sure I want to face the reality that these weekends will no longer be a part of my life.
This means that I have to take the next steps…and well, actually teach. And that’s a little scary.
On top of all of that I’m not sure exactly how to put into words a summary of my experience.

Our last weekend together was beautiful. The weather was perfect, the excitement was abundant, and there was just a bittersweet-ness in the air.

photo 2 (30)

We were split into six different groups for the teaching of our final classes. Groups of three were to teach a 75 minute class and groups of two were to teach a 60 minute beginners class. I was in a group of two and would teach the first 30 minute portion of a beginners class.

This meant a lot of yoga for one weekend! We had three classes both days taught by each other. It was so exciting seeing each one of us take the seat of the teacher. It was amazing that after six months of learning and ten weekends together we all have truly become great yoga teachers, each in our own unique way.

My friend Haley and I were the last two to teach on Sunday. There was a lot of anticipation building throughout the two days leading up to our turn. After every class Mitchel and Tracy would give feedback to each person. This process was really beneficial and useful for my own teaching. By the time it was our turn we had five classes worth of feedback to remember and put to practice in our own class.

photo 3 (26)

I started our beginners class by having everyone lay down on their backs. I figured after five yoga classes in three days they deserved it! I did a simple centering focusing on the breath. I kept the sequence really simple with some cat cows, lunges, and modified sun salutations. I then got them in a wide stance to do side angle pose and warrior two with a fold in between. My 30 minutes literally flew by! Before I knew it, it was Haley’s turn.

As nervous as I can get before I am about to teach there is definitely something that happens once I am up there. A calm sort of comes over me which apparently you can tell in my voice. One piece of feedback I got was to add a bit more range or flexion in my voice. They even referred to my voice being very chilled out, relaxed sort of like a San Diego, California vibe! This is so funny to me because I’ve never thought of my voice like that.

I was really happy with how I did. There are a million things to work on and still learn but that will all come with practice.

The weekend came to an end with all of us sitting in a circle, in that sweet little loft that feels more like a home now. We joined our hands and closed our eyes and sang together. You could completely feel the energy running through us all. There were many tears, smiles, and laughs.

One of the biggest things I will take away from Yoga Teacher Training is how you can build such a strong bond with people when you let down walls, become open to new possibilities, and learn together. It’s sort of like the feeling I had after studying abroad and saying goodbye to my friends. I knew it wasn’t goodbye forever but we had all just experienced a moment in our lives that was pivotal. A time that would be bookmarked in our heads and hearts forever. A time that, as it was happening, you knew it was transforming you as a human being. A time that you felt the most alive you have ever felt.

Yoga Teacher Training brought me to life.Β 

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  1. Jessica Lawlor says:

    Yay! I am so so so so happy for you! It has been amazing to follow your teacher training journey and I can’t wait to hear even more about you teaching! Congrats! xoxox

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