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Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend Nine

Well I officially have 9 out 10 yoga teacher training weekends under my belt!  I am in a bit of disbelief that this journey will come to an end in just a few short weeks.

This weekend was yet another beautiful one for me and my Yogaversity family.  It’s pretty incredible for how chaotic and busy my life has been this month, that I can step into that loft and all my worries just seem to fall away.  It’s like everything comes into focus and becomes so clear.  There are so many things I am going to take away from this experience.  I can pin point things now right off the bat but also know even further down the road, after things sit and marinate, I will reflect back and still realize how many ways my life has been impacted.  It’s sort of the feeling I had after studying abroad, if anyone can relate to that.

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This weekend we learned how to give students proper adjustments.  In order to give a proper adjustment you first have to be able to observe and pin point what is misaligned in the first place (unless it’s simply a feel good adjustment).  This definitely takes some practice and a ton of observing.  We practiced adjusting each other in standing poses, back bends, seated forward bends, and twists. It was a fun way to learn how it should feel from both the student and teacher perspective!


Of course a majority of the weekend was spent practicing our teaching skills! We had to teach a 75 minute class in groups of four.  I volunteered to teach the beginning section since I hadn’t yet.  This meant centering the class and taking them through warm ups and sun salutations.  We only had about an hour to plan our entire sequence and had to get certain poses in to the sequence. Continue reading