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My Current Running Playlist

Happy Friday!  Who actually publishes Blog Posts on a Friday at 7PM?  Oh yeah, I do!

But hey cut me some slack.  Between work, Yoga Training, finding time to practice yoga and run, AND getting ready to move, I haven’t had the most free time in the world.

With that said, I wanted to share with you guys my current running playlist.  I’m a somewhat new Spotify user.  The boyfriend had been pushing me to try it forever and I finally caved.  He was right, it’s awesome!  You can get pretty much get any song / album you want offline for just $10 a month.  A pretty big savings if you are buying individual songs from iTunes.

This playlist might seem random to some but I like a pretty wide variety of music I would say.  This current playlist has been a mix of feel good music, new music, and just some good tempos / beats.

What’s on your running playlist right now?  I’d love to get some newbies!

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!  I have Yoga Teacher Training, so stay tuned for the re-cap!


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