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Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend Six

We are officially more than half way through our Yoga Teacher Training!  I can’t believe it! You always know when you go into something like this that it will probably fly by, but then when it does, ah! I wish I could freeze time or at least just slow it down during our training weekends.

This past weekend was sort of a new chapter for myself and my Yogaversity family.  We began our second half of the training “Descend into the Heart of Others.”  We dove head first into TEACHING!

photo 1 (22)

Mitchel and Tracy shared with us their process going into a class.  We went through the three major focuses of a yoga class; creating inspiration, having clear direction. and creating a meaningful and thought provoking class, ultimately leading to a transformational experience for your students.

  • We learned about sequencing and how to put together a healthy class where the student is ready and prepared for each pose.
  • We learned about adjustments and how to put students in proper alignment in some basic poses.
  • We learned about effective communication, a significant part of teaching yoga!  Ironically, this is probably what is most uncomfortable for me.  Learning to use my words and my voice in a clear, confident, and concise way in order to deliver a good class is going to take me way out of my comfort zone.

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