Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend Three

This past weekend was my third weekend of Yoga Teacher Training.  We had a good four weeks in between our last weekend and this one, so I was more than excited to get back into that loft and embark on another 16 hours of heart opening and learning.

I’m not going to sit here and write down our whole hour by hour syllabus for this post.  We covered a lot this weekend.

We learned and practiced alignment of Standing Poses, Hand Balances, Standing Balancing Poses, Standing Twists, and basic Warm Up Poses.

We continued our discussion of What is Yoga.  Mitchell took us through the Vedic Period all the way to Buddhism.  My brain was a little mushy after covering all of that ground.  People spend their whole lives studying these historical periods!

What I will share with you are some moments from this weekend captured in photos. These beautiful pictures were taken by Alley, one of my fellow teacher trainees.  She has an amazing talent for capturing beautiful moments and specializes in creating images that promote a healthy, happy, and positive lifestyle.  Check out her website at and her Yogis of Connecticut Facebook Page.

A Few Pictures from Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend Three


Mitchel demonstrating some stellar hand stands.


Me learning to assist and Tracy explaining how and why.  Learning the “why” is so important and something that Mitchel and Tracy really focus on.  Now I just have to be a sponge, remember it all, apply it in my own practice, and teach it to others. Easy enough right?


Mitchel showing us how to practice hand standing against the wall to help my “banana back”.


This picture was snapped from an iPhone and Instagrammed.  This is me trying to handstand in the middle of the room with no wall.  I swear Mitchel let go and I held it for a good 2-3 seconds! Progress people, progress!


The amount of knowledge and wisdom Mitchel and Tracy Bleier have is mind-blowing. Their love for what they do, for each other and for their students completely radiates off of them.  I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from them!


  1. jenifa says:

    I love trying something new and after hard work and practise to do it.There is no comfort then that,
    it makes me feel so very proud,…try it

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