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What I’ve learned From Two Months of Wedding Planning

Wow it’s already been two months since Andy popped the question!  It’s no doubt been a great year so far.  There has been lots of celebrating with our friends and family and the planning of engagement parties and the wedding has already begun.
I’ve always said I don’t want a huge big to-do wedding.  The reason being, I don’t want to go in to debt over one day.  I’d rather put more of that towards an amazing honeymoon or house (really though, honeymoon is where it’s at).  With that said, of course I want to have a beautiful and fun day that reflects who me and Andy are and celebrates our relationship.

So I do have an exciting announcement.  We picked a date and a venue!  Venue shopping was super fun, probably due to the fact that we looked at three different vineyards and well… that includes free wine.

Being engaged for two months now, telling friends, family, strangers, and acquaintances, looking  at venues, and wasting hours of my life on Pinterest I’ve already learned a few things about this whole wedding planning stuff.

1.  There’s no such thing as a budget or cheap wedding when you have extremely large families. Unless you do it in your backyard and order pizzas.  I always said ‘I’d get married in a backyard’ to save money.  That’s not where the cost comes in.  It’s the food, alcohol, and catering.  And well if you know Andy and I then you know we are definitely not going to skimp on the food or drinks. Continue reading