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Why You Should Go Skydiving!

As 2013 comes to a close I’ve started reflecting on this past year…what I’ve crossed off the bucket list, and what I want to add for next year.  A big highlight this year was going Skydiving for the second time!  Do you know why you should go skydiving!? Let me tell you…

The adrenaline…it starts when you arrive, builds in the plane ride up, and peaks at the very moment that you are standing on the edge of the plane about to jump 10,000 feet into thin air.


 To step out of your comfort zone...you learn something about yourself every time you do.  You surprise yourself, you grow, you appreciate being you.


Get some fresh air…when else can you breathe in air 10,000 feet in the sky?  It’s probably the freshest air you’re going to get!  And believe me you get A LOT of it.


For the pictures…duh!  Do you realize how silly people look in skydiving pictures?  But no one cares…because you have a picture of yourself FLYING!  I’m pretty sure that makes you cool.




For the view...this is what made me want to go a second time, and would get me to go a third or fourth.  How cool is it to fly over beautiful places, or different landscapes?  When I went in Maine we saw beautiful foliage and a glimpse of Lake Winnipesaukee.  When I went in Newport, Rhode Island we were over the water and were able to see every little island, bridge, and inlet.  Both were awesome!


To share an amazing experience with someone else…I’ve gone with my best friend and the love of my life.  What’s better than sharing a once and a life time experience with the people you love?



The pictures in the red jump-suit are taken at Skydive New England in Lebanon, Maine.  

The pictures with no jump-suit are taken at Skydive Newport in Newport, Rhode Island.

I recommend both places!  Have you gone skydiving?  What do you love about it?