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My 2014 Intentions

Well we are officially one week in to 2014!  This year, I took a little time to think about my upcoming year and what goals, resolutions, intentions, or whatever you’d like to label them.  I’ve done the resolutions list or the bucket list and found that I was just throwing things out there that I would maybe accomplish.


So this year I decided to make “intentions.”  Just like in Yoga, many times your teacher with tell you to guide your practice with an intention.  An intention can be as simple as one word (think open, grateful, accepting).  In fact in my first year practicing yoga I remember learning about the concept to pick a word to inspire your year.

In 2012 it was Discover.

In 2013 it was Patience.

In 2014 it will still be Patience and Chance. (I guess I’m still working on this patience thing)


I chose Patience again because I’m still practicing this concept.  Because I consider myself a dreamer, I constantly find myself dreaming of my future, or my next step in life.  I really need to start practicing being patient with where I am and realizing life is a journey and NOT a destination!


I chose Chance because I am starting off my year taking a big Chance.  I have decided to sign up for Yoga Teacher Training!  One of my favorite quotes I have found recently is this…


Besides choosing my two words I also made intentions separated into 4 facets of my life.


  • Complete the 21 Day Sugar Detox in January and experiment more with removing/adding things to my diet to see what effects they may have.


  • Continue to blog at least three times a week.  Don’t have high expectations for gaining followers, have fun!


  • Be open to new experiences.  Take them all in. If it’s for me, it will be.


  • Realize that each of us are very different and will continue to change.  Still love with all I have no matter how dissimilar or similar we are.