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Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend Eight

This past weekend I completed my eighth weekend at Yoga Teacher Training a.k.a Yogaversity!  This weekend was dedicated fully to teaching each other and finding our voice.

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I practiced teaching a little in Belize, instructing Andy through some sun salutations, but am still just getting my feet wet.

When we arrived on Saturday Mitchell told us that we would all be teaching for about 20 minutes! We would be teaching a 75 minute express class or a 60 minute beginners class.

I volunteered to teach part of a beginners class.  Most people in my life have hardly practiced yoga before but keep asking me to teach them. For that reason I really want to perfect teaching beginners so that I can practice teaching my family and friends.

The thing is…teaching a beginners class is really hard! Think about it…someone who has never stepped foot on a yoga mat before may have never even heard of downward dog.  While you can demonstrate some poses, you should also be observing your beginner students and adjusting them to correct alignment.  This means you have to be overly clear in your instructions and cues.

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