Why I Love Practicing Yoga to Music

The first time I ever stepped my ten toes on to a yoga mat was during a Hip Hop Yoga class in Boston.  A friend had asked me if I’d like to join her and I couldn’t resist.  I grew up a dancer and well always heard yoga was “good for you.”

One hour and 15 minutes later I was hooked and never looked back.  People used to ask me, ‘Hip Hop Yoga? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Are you dancing on your yoga mat?’  Not exactly.  Hip Hop Yoga was (and still is) a 75 minute vinyasa class set to loud, hip hop music.  Bostonians used to flock to these classes to set up their mats inches from the next yogi, sweat and flow to the music.DJ

For me, it was the time in my day that I was able to just be with myself and tune the rest of my daily stresses out.  I was working a 9 to 5 job, living paycheck to paycheck, and trying to find my way in the world.  If my early 20’s were a roller coaster ride, Hip Hop Yoga was my harness, keeping me from flying out of my seat.  Continue reading

Just Write

Just write. Just write. Just write. Go to theprimalyogi.com.  Pass by the ‘stats’ and visitor numbers and views. Click add new post. And write.

That’s what got me here tonight.

If you scroll underneath this post you will see my last blog was in September. In my first year as creator of The Primal Yogi I sat down and wrote a post 2 to 3 times a week, every week.  That’s when I was living alone, working 9 – 5, and figuring out my way in the world (yes this is still happening).

Fast forward a year later and a lot had changed. I had moved in with Andy, I had completed yoga teacher training, was about to get a new little furry guy, and a new job.  The posts still came but were more spread out.

Fast forward 6 months after that and I had gotten engaged, had a new job that no longer had me sitting in front of a computer, had a side job of teaching yoga with the goal of growing that area as well.  My blog and my writing slowly started to dissipate.

 just-write Continue reading

The Fine Line Between Balance & Hustle

Tricky one huh?

Balance and hustle can mean different things to different people.

According to Dictionary.com Balance (noun) is mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior,judgment, etc.

Here’s my definition.

Balance. Balance to me is spending time with family and friends, disconnected from work.  Balance is spending time outside, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air OR cuddling up on the couch on a rainy day.  Balance is indulging in my favorite foods, drinks, and guilty pleasure t.v. shows.  Balance is getting on my yoga mat and being a student.  Balance is lacing up my sneakers, and going for a run.  Balance is spending time with my fiance and puppy, whether that’s being playful or chatting about our days or even our far off dreams.  Balance is peace and quiet.  Balance is time. Balance is space.

According to Dictionary.com Hustle (noun) is energetic activity, as in work.

Here’s my definition.

Hustle. Hustle is getting sh*t done, as in work.  Hustle is working my day job and then coming home and working on my “side job.” Hustle is making to-do lists and checking things off.  Hustle is having goals. Hustle is sacrificing time in order to get closer to those goals.  Hustle is staying up late and getting up early.  Hustle is succeeding in your work. Hustle is creating something you stand for and behind.


So how do we navigate through our daily lives with a little bit (or a lot) of hustle and a little bit (or a lot) of balance?  It’s something I struggle with daily. As I sit here on my “day off”  I realize I’ve been glued to the computer for three hours with, believe it or not, a to-do list to my right.  In a few more minutes I’ll be able to check off ‘write blog post’!

I’m not sure I’ll ever master this concept (unless I move to San Diego, or so I hear).  But I guess life isn’t about mastering.  We are not perfect.  We are constantly in a mode of trying things out, practicing. Isn’t that why we call Yoga a practice? And although I haven’t mastered it, I do my best to practice this whole balance and hustle thing.

A little bit of balance and a little bit of hustle.  Here’s what that looks like to me:

Getting on my mat at least three times a week.  Choosing one night a week to enjoy my fiance’s company, sit outside, take in the view, enjoy a good meal, and sip a glass of wine.  Choosing one day a week to work on my blog (that’s been a tough one lately). Networking and meeting new people. Crushing goals and then taking vacation. Traveling. Getting outside for five minutes or five hours. Making plans with friends. Seeing my family. Investing in my own learning and development. Listening to podcasts on the drive to work, and listening to music on the drive home.  Finding opportunities to get me closer to my goals. Doing nothing. Cuddling up on the couch with my puppy, but only after writing this blog.

There you have it! What’s balance and hustle look like to you?  Have it mastered?