My Current Yoga Playlist

Happy Snow Day, again!  I can just maybe get used to this!  Snowy, cozy, and spending time with my two favorite boys?  I’ll take it.

I had such a peaceful morning.  I couldn’t sleep so I woke up early and did an at home yoga practice.  Typically when I do this I lead myself through a practice which helps me create new sequences for teaching, so a win win. But this morning I really just wanted to be “led” by someone else.

Have you ever heard of Codyapp?  It’s a website that offers videos from fitness professionals or yoga teachers.  I saw that Meghan Currie was one of their teachers.  I have heard great things about her, so decided to check it out!  I purchased her Strength Intelligence series and loved it.  She talked a lot about finding the balance between strength and ease in yoga and in life.  Yes, I like her!

photo 2 (60)

Then I did some handstand play.  Which is more difficult now that I have a fur child.

photo 1 (56)

I did want to share my newest yoga playlist with all of you.  I am super excited that I will be teaching two times a week now at Bend!  This means more sequences to plan and of course more playlists to build.  I hope you enjoy!

PlaylistJan1 PlaylistJan2

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