My Guest Blogging Revealed: Bodeefit

So I’ve been sort of quiet about my first Guest Blogging experience that I am lucky enough to have landed back in January.  I haven’t really talked about it here on The Primal Yogi but realize that I should be sharing with all of my readers!  Thanks to Jess at for the tips on linking your guest posts to your own site.

My guest blogging gig sort of happened organically and fell into my lap.  Back in December / January I came across an awesome site and phone app called Bodeefit.  Bodeefit offers daily body weight workouts, often high intensity interval training, with no equipment or gym required!  I absolutely loved being able to wake up on the morning of a busy day and get a complete work out in without ever leaving my bedroom!

Naturally, because when I love something I share it with the world wide web, I tweeted about Bodeefit.  Well, Adam Griffin, founder of Bodeefit, saw my tweet and asked me if I’d be interested in writing on the Bodeefit Blog.  Of course I said yes!  My focus would be incorporating yoga and what comes along with it into my 9 to 5 schedule in order to maintain a healthy and mindful lifestyle. 

I’ve been writing one post a month since January already!  Here are a few of my favorite posts.  From here on out I will keep you guys in the loop when I am posting over on Bodeefit.  




I definitely recommend trying out Bodeefit’s app, workout programs, and just becoming familiar with the community.  There is a wealth of knowledge related to health and wellness.  Enjoy!


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