What I Ate Wednesday #2

Happy Hump Day loves!  I’m back for my second What I Ate Wednesday link up, hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  I had a ton of fun with last week’s WIAW that I knew I had to do it again.  It’s always great meeting new bloggers, and link ups are the perfect way to do so!  I can tell you right now though, WIAW posts are going to really make me realize how repetitive my meals are.  Oh well, when it works it works!


photo 1 (30)I’ve been hooked on Grady’s cold brew recently.  It’s great for me to take on the train for my commute, and saves me time rather than going to Starbucks.  I mix it with water or almond milk.  With almond milk it almost taste like a latte!photo 3 (28)Once I got to work I heated up some blueberries and almond butter.  I tried it for a little bit longer this week because I saw that Tina from Carrots n Cake nukes it for 45 seconds.  It was still good but a little to liquid-y for me.  I think I’ll stick to 15 seconds.photo 4 (20)For lunch I had two chicken thighs that Andy grilled up for us for the week.  They were super crispy on the outside because our grill likes to catch on fire, but still delicious.  I switched it up with some brown mustard instead of ketchup.photo 5 (20)I had a small kale salad on the side with tomatoes and baby love beets.photo 1 (31)After lunch I snuck out to get an iced coffee from Starbucks.  It’s so funny how quickly you can form habits.  I don’t typically have an afternoon coffee, but since I haven’t been getting Starbucks in the morning I’ve felt I deserve one in the afternoon.  Welp now the habit is formed!  I’ve been craving one almost every afternoon.photo 2 (35)And here you have the laziest, easiest dinner that you may have ever seen.  Throw bacon in a pan, remove.  Throw spinach in a pan and add eggs.  Flip and done!photo 3 (29)Definitely not pretty but eggs and bacon, as you know, will never get old and is just plain yummy!Not pictured, is the dark chocolate that will for sure go in my belly before bed.

What is your go – to easy, lazy dinner?


  1. Karey at Nutty About Health says:

    Bacon & eggs is always a winner in my book! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it. Love chicken thighs too, yum! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  2. I need to go get some cold brew coffee…it seems to be all the rage lately, and I have yet to try it! Go to lazy meal for me- Sweet potato loaded with some clarified butter and anything I have in the fridge…usually chicken, some sort of fruit, a veggie and nuts!

  3. Ttrockwood says:

    Have you made your own cold brew before? Its so easy its embaressing! For a strong concentrate use one cup coffee grounds and four cups water. Stir together and let sit covered on the counter for 12-24hrs. Strain out the grounds with a fine sieve or coffee filter and thats it. Keep in the fridge and dilute as you like it. Waayyyy better than starbz iced coffee and gradys. Just use a good coffee, i buy whatever is on sale at whole foods 🙂 ends up costing half what gradys does.

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