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Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend Eight

This past weekend I completed my eighth weekend at Yoga Teacher Training a.k.a Yogaversity!  This weekend was dedicated fully to teaching each other and finding our voice.

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I practiced teaching a little in Belize, instructing Andy through some sun salutations, but am still just getting my feet wet.

When we arrived on Saturday Mitchell told us that we would all be teaching for about 20 minutes! We would be teaching a 75 minute express class or a 60 minute beginners class.

I volunteered to teach part of a beginners class.  Most people in my life have hardly practiced yoga before but keep asking me to teach them. For that reason I really want to perfect teaching beginners so that I can practice teaching my family and friends.

The thing is…teaching a beginners class is really hard! Think about it…someone who has never stepped foot on a yoga mat before may have never even heard of downward dog.  While you can demonstrate some poses, you should also be observing your beginner students and adjusting them to correct alignment.  This means you have to be overly clear in your instructions and cues.

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Belize Part Two – San Pedro & Caye Caulker

After we had a few days to wind down in Placencia it was time to head north and over to the island of Ambergris Caye or San Pedro. San Pedro is the name of the main town that sits on Ambergris Caye.

Getting There
There are two main airlines for flying throughout Belize, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. We flew Tropic Air and had a great experience with all of our flights. To get to San Pedro from Placencia we had to fly to Belize City first. All in all it was only about an hour between the two flights and the process was pretty simple.

Where We Stayed
Exotic Caye Resort

Exotic Caye is a little south of the main area of San Pedro Town but you can easily walk, bike, or drive (a golf cart) to a lot of the restaurants and shops.

Our room had a bedroom with a double bed, a living area with a couch, table, and small kitchen. We had our own private porch looking out on to the beach. When we first arrived they almost tried giving us a room with two twin beds. When we explained we didn’t book this and simply chose “standard double” they were able to accommodate us and give us a better room (phew).


Melt Café

This was a great little café that served breakfast and lunch. They had a great egg scramble with a pico de gallo and some the crunchiest and tastiest home fries ever! Their menu had a ton of great healthy options.

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Belize Part One – Placencia

Hi Friends, it’s been a while! I am back from an amazing week in Belize (despite a rather nightmarish travel day home – but that’s for another post). Andy and I are relaxed, sun kissed, happy, and probably a few pounds heavier. We had an awesome vacation in Belize and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. We really fell in love with this beautiful little country.

We split up our trip between two different destinations, Placencia and San Pedro. We spent our first four days in Placencia, a small beach town in the southern part of the country on a small little peninsula.

We didn’t realize it before, but we arrived just in time for the start of their slower season. Busy season (or dry season) runs from December to April. The last real busy week tends to be around Easter. We really didn’t mind this at all. It was one of the most peaceful few days I think I have ever had!

Getting There


Belize has two local airlines, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air.  This is a much more efficient way to get around the country and pretty affordable too.  Flights down to Placencia ran about $100 US.  Flying on Tropic Air is like a full excursion in itself.  You get an absolute spectacular birds eye view of the country.  I even got to sit co-pilot!  If this seems absolutely crazy to you, then you can look into buses, private shuttles or ferries.

Where We Stayed
Green Parrot Resort

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