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Why You Should Go Skydiving!

As 2013 comes to a close I’ve started reflecting on this past year…what I’ve crossed off the bucket list, and what I want to add for next year.  A big highlight this year was going Skydiving for the second time!  Do you know why you should go skydiving!? Let me tell you…

The adrenaline…it starts when you arrive, builds in the plane ride up, and peaks at the very moment that you are standing on the edge of the plane about to jump 10,000 feet into thin air.


 To step out of your comfort learn something about yourself every time you do.  You surprise yourself, you grow, you appreciate being you.


Get some fresh air…when else can you breathe in air 10,000 feet in the sky?  It’s probably the freshest air you’re going to get!  And believe me you get A LOT of it.


For the pictures…duh!  Do you realize how silly people look in skydiving pictures?  But no one cares…because you have a picture of yourself FLYING!  I’m pretty sure that makes you cool.




For the view...this is what made me want to go a second time, and would get me to go a third or fourth.  How cool is it to fly over beautiful places, or different landscapes?  When I went in Maine we saw beautiful foliage and a glimpse of Lake Winnipesaukee.  When I went in Newport, Rhode Island we were over the water and were able to see every little island, bridge, and inlet.  Both were awesome!


To share an amazing experience with someone else…I’ve gone with my best friend and the love of my life.  What’s better than sharing a once and a life time experience with the people you love?



The pictures in the red jump-suit are taken at Skydive New England in Lebanon, Maine.  

The pictures with no jump-suit are taken at Skydive Newport in Newport, Rhode Island.

I recommend both places!  Have you gone skydiving?  What do you love about it?


Holiday Gift Ideas

I can’t believe Christmas is two weeks away!  We just put up our tree tonight at Andy’s so I’m definitely getting in the spirit.  As much as I love Christmas I always stress myself out over holiday gift ideas.  I have a pretty big family and have to buy for about 20 people!


Some people are much easier than others.  This year I think I’ve done a good job of starting to prepare earlier, write down lists and ideas, and have gotten a bunch done online.  Here are some holiday gift ideas that I’ve thought up this year.

For the Health Nuts:

Workout Clothes:  Everyone could always use some new workout clothes.  I love going to Marshall’s for this kind of stuff.  They have brand name gear for super cheap!

A Good Water Bottle: My favorite is from Camelbak.  This could also save a person money since they won’t have to buy bottled water anymore!

A Weighted Vest:  These are great for anyone trying to add some extra calorie burn to their cardio workouts.

Yoga Mat / Yoga Mat Bag:  Any yogi could always use a fresh new mat!  My favorites are Jade Yoga Mats.

Dumbbells:  For the person who doesn’t have a ton of time, these are great for at home workouts.

For the Foodie:

Blenders / Food Processors:  Amazon always has great deals on these.  You can do so much with either of these kitchen tools, that any person who spends time in the kitchen, would be ecstatic to get one.

Gourmet Spices:  I found a bunch of really cute spice sets on Etsy.  They have a bunch of great gift ideas.

Food Delivered:  I’ve come across a couple of great gift ideas for the grilling men in your life.  First, Omaha Steaks offers a great gift package of a few different steaks and sides.  They often will have a deal on Groupon.  I also came across this really cool company called Mantry.  They pack a wooden crate with a selection of gourmet food and deliver right to your guys door.  Check it out!

For Anyone:

Massage Gift Certificate:  Who doesn’t love a massage?  I think this is a great one for anyone who has a little extra stress in their life.

Print Your Instagram Pictures:  I recently wrote a review of a company called Prinstagram.  They take your Instagram pictures, print them, and turn them into great gifts!  I always love giving pictures, especially to parents, grandparents, or significant others.

Remote Car Starter:  If you live in a cold area, these are great.  My mom received one a few years ago and said it’s one of the best gifts she’s ever received.

Alright, I can’t reveal too many more because then I might spoil it for certain people!  What’s the best gift idea you’ve thought of this year?



Thoughts That Run Through My Head in Yoga…That Have Nothing To Do With Yoga

Alright, we all know when we’re in yoga class we’re supposed to clear our minds. It’s the very thing that first attracted me to yoga. You step on to your mat, close your eyes, and breathe. Focus on the present, focus on each breath, and just be.

Now it would be absolutely fantastic if I could do this every time I stepped into class. But the reality is…and I’ll go out on a limb and say for most of us…many times our brains are doing the exact opposite.


I literally shock myself at how much can run through my head at any given moment.  Sometimes there are just so many thoughts that run through my head in yoga…that have nothing to do with yoga!

  • What am I going to eat for dinner tonight?  
  • How am I ever going to get all of my Christmas shopping done?
  • I really need a pedicure…I hope no one  looks at my toes.
  • I should probably clean this mat.  It’s looking a little discolored…I hope that’s not mine that smells funny.
  • Did I put deodorant on before class?
  • Should I wear my new shirt tomorrow or Saturday?
  • Did I just hear what I think I heard?  That wasn’t me was it?  Awkward.
  • I need a vacation.  Maybe I should book one.
  • I love this song.  It reminds me of college. I miss college sometimes.
  • What would I be like as a yoga teacher?
  • I like that quote on the wall.  I should look at quotes on Pinterest later. 
  • I think a lot during yoga.  Breathe Kelsey, focus on your breath.  
  • Maybe I should write a blog article on how I can’t always concentrate in Yoga.

Alright, I think you get the picture.  Please tell me I’m not the only one with such a scattered, racing brain!

I do know that some days I’m more relaxed than others.  Some days I can control and suppress these thoughts better than others.  I’ve found that on the better days it’s simply because I’m more relaxed.

Give yourself enough time…there is nothing worse than rushing to get to class whether stuck in traffic or caught on a slow train.  There have been plenty of times when this has been the case for me, and it’s almost impossible to turn off my thoughts when I get into class.

Lastly, if you are relaxed, try to focus on your breath.  I literally visualize breathing in through my nose and letting it out like a continuing cycle or wave.  If there’s music in class, focusing on one beat in the song always helps me a lot too.

No matter what happens during your yoga practice in that brain of yours, as long as we are more aware of our bodies and our thoughts, we’re on the right track.