KIND Snacks Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to the KIND Snacks Giveaway Winner,  Sammy at Peace Love and Ice Cream! Sammy will receive a free mixed box of Kind Bars and Healthy Grains! Sammy, just Direct Message me your address on Twitter @KelseyLynn55 and I will send away!


Thanks to everyone for commenting and participating.

I have to admit I really thought I would get more traction for my giveaway 😦 I know I really just have to be patient in terms of getting more readers. My blog is still new and not my full-time job. As long as I am enjoying writing and having fun while doing it is all that matters at this point right?

Has anyone else done a giveaway yet? How did it go?

P.S. I used the True Random Number Generator to pick the winner per the suggestion of Tina at Carrots n Cake in her Giveaway post.


  1. So awesome Kelsey!! Can’t wait to receive the box and tell you how GREAT I think everything is – because I’m sure I will! 🙂
    I haven’t done a giveaway yet…but I’m hoping to do one in the next month or so. And don’t be discouraged by the turnout for the giveaway – it was a great first one!
    We’ve been blogging for the same length of time and what you wrote is soooo true – the blog is new, and you’re enjoying yourself, and it’s not your full time job….just give it time! 🙂

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