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Take Me Back Tuesday – San Francisco Part One

I guess I am being a little greedy this week since I haven’t even landed back on the east coast yet but yes take me back to San Francisco.  Why is ending a vacation so hard?  I’m an emotional roller coaster today getting teary eyed at every other song on my “chill” playlist.  Think I need to toughen up!

Although I could have stayed in San Fran for about another week I think my body is going to really appreciate that I am going home.  I definitely indulged on this vacation because that’s what you do when you travel.  I just think my body is more sensitive recently to straying away from clean eating.  It literally only takes about two days of eating bread, carbs, and drinking a lot of wine and beer for my body to start feeling it.  With that said, traveling to new cities is about taking in the culture, trying new things, and experiencing everything that it has to offer.  It’s definitely a balance but I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I am human, and love to travel, and it’s okay that I strayed from eating primal for the past few days.

We had an awesome time on this trip.  We saw some great areas of the city, took in tons of gorgeous views, and ate some awesome food!

Where we stayed: An apartment right near Fisherman’s Wharf through Airbnb.

This was my first time using Airbnb.  It was a pretty good experience and I am glad I tried it out.  First off, what we paid for the location was a steal.  We were a two minute walk from Fisherman’s Wharf, right next to Ghiradelli Square, and about a 10 minute walk to North Beach.  With that said, the pictures were a little bit deceiving.  It was a studio apartment shared with a business that felt a little “make-shift.”  It was fine for us since we weren’t there too much.  The only complaint is that it was pretty hot with no AC and not very much ventilation.  I guess that’s my fault for not noticing AC on the amenities list.  Oh well, the place kind of grew on me over our time there.

IMG_1466 IMG_1465

Day 1

Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach

We arrived in to SFO around noon on Friday.  To save some money we took the Bart to downtown San Francisco to the Embarcadero stop.  This was about an $8 ride versus a $50 cab ride. We then took the historic street car that runs along the bay waterfront.  It was super crowded but only $2 so we dealt with it!


Once we got settled in to our apartment we headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and packed with tourist because America’s Cup had just started this weekend.  We walked around a bit and after much of my indecisiveness finally chose restaurant called Eagle Café.  They had an outdoor deck that overlooked Pier 39.  At first they tried sitting us inside and I just wasn’t having it so I finagled our way outside to the deck.  We had some seafood, San Francisco beer, and talked to a local who gave us a great recommendation for dinner.

IMG_1482 IMG_1477IMG_1505

For dinner we headed to a restaurant called The Park Tavern right in Washington Square in North Beach.  They had awesome cocktails like a strawberry basil caipirinha – so good!  We got a table outside and had some of the best appetizers I’ve ever had – no lie.  I freaked out a little bit because they had Brussel Chips!  My best friend and I have talked about “inventing” brussel chips for years now; I could not believe I found a restaurant that made these. They were so good!  We also had deviled eggs with bacon on top.  Dee – lish!


Day 2

Golden Gate, Muir Woods, Sausalito, Sonoma

Saturday we had booked our wine country tour.  I thought it would be different to combine it with Muir Woods so we headed there first.  On our way to Muir Woods, our driver took us to what I think might be the best look out for the Golden Gate.  It was up on a big hill behind the bridge so you were looking down on it.  I was so giddy from getting to see this view!


Muir Woods was really neat.  It’s a national park with a ton of red wood trees as tall as 300 feet!  It was crazy to see something like this right outside of a bustling city.  On our way out of Muir Woods our driver took us to Muir Beach Overlook which was another absolutely breathtaking view!

IMG_1549 IMG_1544

We then headed to Sausalito to meet up with our wine tour group.  We had about an hour to hang out there and got some fish tacos at this little fish and chips place.  Sausalito is this beautiful town right across the bay.  The median real estate price is something like $2 million.  It’s pretty ridiculous to think about.


At this point in the day we were definitely ready for some wine tasting!  We headed out to Sonoma and took in the pretty landscape.  There are over  500 vineyards in Sonoma/Napa valleys!  So you can just imagine how pretty of a drive that is.  We went to two really small wineries which was nice.  They both produced only between 1000 – 2000 cases a year compared to the bigger corporate ones which produce hundreds of thousands.  We really enjoyed the wines at both places and had the perfect day!

IMG_1597 IMG_1608IMG_1610

We somehow rallied ourselves after this full day to go out to a bar for dinner and drinks.  We head to the marina / cow hollow district to a restaurant I had actually already been to before called The Tipsy Pig.  It was a cute little gastro pub.  Then when we got back to our apartment we couldn’t resist the little Irish dive bar right below us.  We went in there for one last beer.  They had some live music going on so after the long day we had we thoroughly enjoyed some loud obnoxious singing.

Stay tuned for Part two….a bar full of NY Giants fans in San Fran, some hippie neighborhoods, chocolate covered bacon, and a “sunset” cruise under the Golden Gate!

Take Me Back Tuesday – London!

When thinking about which destination I wanted to write about this Tuesday my mind wandered to London.  Then I realized it was perfectly fitting because it was almost exactly three years ago that I flew across the pond!  I had a pretty darn lucky first year out of college.  I found a company that allowed me to see different parts of the world including Peru and the United Kingdom – some pretty good perks for being one year out of college huh?



Where We Stayed:  A Co-Worker’s Flat!  She lived close to the Shepard’s Bush tube stop.  It was a good area easily accessible by the tube and easy to get around to the main attraction areas of London.  I absolutely love knowing locals when traveling, it completely changes the experience.  She was so accommodating and showed us some fantastic hidden gems in London.



Sight Seeing:  We didn’t have too much time to explore the different sites in London so we squeezed them all in to pretty much one day.  I’m used to the abridged versions of sight-seeing since most of Europe travel was done on long weekends while studying abroad.  We still managed to cover a pretty good section of the city.

We saw the main sites including St. Peter’s Basilica, the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Thames River, Convent Garden.  My favorite part of our sight-seeing day though was visiting Borough Market! Check the website first to make sure it’s open.  It’s a foodie’s dream!

We also happened to be there for the Notting Hill Carnival.  I have never in my life seen a festival so big, it’s the largest of its kind in all of Europe!  The festival happens on the last weekend of August in West London and is a celebration of Caribbean Culture.  I actually got separated from my friends during this festival which was probably one of the scariest things I’ve gone through while traveling.  I kept calm (haha) and some how found them eventually.

London is a fantastic city to visit!  It has so much history yet is such a chic and fun city at the same time.  I haven’t thought about this trip in a while and am happy to have taken a trip down memory lane. Take me back!

St. Peter’s Basilica 



Big Ben!




Westminster Abbey


The London Eye (and yes I think that’s Starbucks in our hands)



Along the Thames River


The Borough Market – A MUST – SEE in London!!

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Notting Hill Carnival

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