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What’s In My Grocery Bag

Hi friends. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty fantastic. We celebrated two of our very good friends getting engaged and I spend some QT with my dad.

I’ve been a little behind with blogging lately. Between work, my longer commute, and getting ready for my last weekend of yoga teacher training it’s been more and more difficult to fit it in. But no more excuses, while I sit in 75 minutes of traffic why not write a post (using voice memos)?

I thought I would share what was in my grocery bag this week. A lot of people, especially those trying out Paleo for the first time, will ask what I buy on a weekly basis.

Before Andy and I moved in together I usually could keep my grocery bill to about $60. Now that two of us have to get fed, one being a caveman with a very large appetite, our bill has about doubled. With that said, we still keep it pretty simple.

What’s In My Grocery Bag

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