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Five Reasons Why I Love Yoga

As I am coming up on my two-year yoga-versary, it’s nice to look back and realize what got me hooked after that very first class.  I started practicing yoga at a time when I was a little bit lost.  I had recently gone through a tough break-up and wasn’t sure about the future of my current job.  Now looking back I realize it was just a big drop on the 20’s roller coaster ride.  Discovering yoga has really helped me navigate through these crazy years of ups and downs.  It is so much more than the physical practice for me.  It centers me and grounds me and has really changed my perspective on a whole bunch of things.  These are just some reasons why I love getting my down-dog on!




It forces you to dedicate a portion of your day to focus only on your body, your breath, and moving to connect the two.  Any worry, stress, anxiety, excitement, anticipation, goes out the door when you step on your mat.



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No shoes required.  Simple but I love that you practice barefoot.



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It builds amazing strength and helps your body reach its full potential.  Almost every class I learn that my body could do something I never thought it could.

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You can laugh at yourself.  No matter how much you practice no one is ever going to get into every pose perfectly.  Every body is different and that’s okay.  Because if you fall over or on your face, you can laugh!

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Yoga has taught me to live in the present.  You can’t change the past and you can’t control the future.  Take every moment for what it is.  Find the joy when you nail that pose and accept when you fall down because you can always get back up.  And that can be translated to all aspects in your life.

Oh and one more….