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Take Me Back Tuesday – Chicago!

Happy Take Me Back Tuesday!  I’ve had Chicago on my mind this week.  After those crazy storms ripped through the area I made sure to check in with some friends who live there.  I have visited Chicago three times over the past few years in both summer and in winter!

It’s an awesome city; tons of sights, fun things to do, friendly people, and great little neighborhoods that all have their own little feel.

Looking back at my pictures and remembering my different trips there I realize that I should clarify these Chicago trips were all taken in my early 20’s.  This means while yes we saw some of the main sites, the trips mainly consisted of a bunch of girls in their early 20s reuniting and having a lot of fun!

Here is my list of my favorite things to do in Chicago. 

Cubs Game at Wrigley Field – Wrigleyville

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Wrigley Field is one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the country.  It’s a great thing to do on a summer day.  The Chicago Cubs aren’t the best team in the league so you don’t have super competitive fans (like you might find at a Yankee / Red Sox game).  It’s really just a bunch of baseball fans having a good time!  Wrigleyville is an entire neighborhood around the stadium that has some awesome bars.  Be prepared for drinking marathon if it’s a game day!

The Bean!

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By far one of the coolest monuments I’ve seen.  I always have to make a stop here every time I visit Chicago.

The L


I love that their trains are raised above the streets.  And I thought Boston was unique!

Crown Fountain


This exhibit is right near The Bean.  It has a rolling display of random people’s faces.  It’s a big fountain and a great place for kids to play around in the summer.

Navy Pier


The Navy Pier is a must tourist attraction.  There are a ton of food vendors, souvenir stands, and a giant ferris wheel.

Lake Michigan




Lake Michigan definitely doesn’t look anything like a lake.  It’s huge! I’ve gone to the beach on the Chicago side, which is cool being right next to the city.  We’ve also driven over to Michigan to my friends lake house.  The sunsets here were amazing!