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A Yoga Adventure in Belize

I was going to write about this in my San Pedro, Belize re-cap but I thought that post was long enough!  Plus my yoga adventure in Belize could definitely use it’s own post!

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We arrived in San Pedro on Sunday after already being in Belize for a few days.  The only taste of yoga I had gotten was practicing on my own, teaching Andy, or studying my manual on the beach.  So when we arrived at our hotel in San Pedro I was eager to find out the yoga schedule at their yoga studio they had advertised.  Well guess what?  “No yoga this week.” How rude!

As soon as we got to our room I fired up the wi-fi on my phone, and went searching for where I could get my fix.  I came across Ak’bol Yoga Retreat & Eco Resort.  I had actually stumbled upon this place when I was researching Belize, and also got a recommendation from a friend to go there for breakfast.  Perfect!

The only problem was that it was about 3 miles north of where we were staying.  It would be a $15 taxi ride or $5 water taxi.  I decided to try the water taxi.

Andy and I headed to the water taxi very early in the morning.  He was going to walk me there, I would take class, and then take a land taxi back.  I bought my ticket and waited for the boat.  It was sort of cool because I really felt like I was traveling like a local!  I was probably the only tourist on the small boat, everyone else being workers going to resorts on the north side of the island.
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After a short boat ride the pulled up to a long pier and yelled “Ak’bol!” I stepped on to the pier and took in the stunning view.  I walked down the pier to be greeted by a whole group of yogis sitting at a bar, drinking organic fruit juices and smoothies.  It was sort of funny.  It kind of reminded me of a scene in “Couples Retreat.”
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It turns out this group was at Ak’Bol on a retreat with Beach Body.  They were all fitness coaches there for a yoga and leadership retreat.  Because of this, a lot of them were beginner yogis and therefore the class was a bit beginner.  With that said, I think I can easily say this has been the most beautiful yoga setting I have experienced yet!

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If you find yourself in Belize and looking for Yoga definitely visit Ak’Bol. They have classes for $15 US every weekday morning at 9AM.