Acknowledge the Progress

Happy Friday loves! I hope everyone had a fabulous week. Mine was pretty great and I definitely took my own advice to snap out of that little funk I was in a couple of weeks ago.

I can’t believe it’s already been two months since my final weekend of Yoga Teacher Training. It feels like it’s been two weeks but also feels like a lifetime ago at the same exact time. Weird how that happens.

I’m the type of person who is always looking forward to accomplishing something else. Adding to the bucket list and just trying to check things off. I realized, along with I’m sure many others, I consistently focus on the things I have yet to accomplish. In six months I want to do this, in a year I want to visit this place, in five years I want to be here.

Sometimes in the process of thinking up our dreams we can lose site of the progress we have already made. Having goals is important but the very end point shouldn’t be the only thing we are striving for. Because without all of the steps in between, the uphill battles, the downhill rides, we wouldn’t appreciate the accomplishment once we arrive, if we ever even do arrive.

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Teaching My Very First Yoga Class

Yes, you read that right! I taught my very first yoga class this weekend. It was sorta last minute, sort of non-traditional, and sort of awesome!

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My mom manages a gym in my home town. I’ve been getting antsy since finishing teacher training, just wanting to get some real life teaching under my belt. I had asked my family if I could do a class just in the back yard. My mom said I could use the room in the gym, and so my first yoga class was born!

It wasn’t officially affiliated with the gym, but we told people over the course of a few days, and guess what? A whole butt load of people showed up!! There were over 20!

I planned a beginners sequence, as a majority of people coming had never even practiced yoga before. I was pretty nervous before, but as has happened in the past (in teacher training) a sort of calm comes over me as I step into the seat of the teacher.

There is a ton I need to work on. Adjustments, speaking more to alignment actions and muscle engagements, and packing in more poses since this time for some reason the clocked seemed as though it had stopped! With that said I was really happy with how it went. Everyone said they loved it! It was the perfect mix of people taking it seriously, knowing how beneficial it is for their bodies, but also having fun and enjoying some moments of laughter.

I spoke about progress and not perfection which was inspired by Laura from Mommy Run Fast’s post this week.

To achieve progression all you need to do is take that first step towards something new. And that’s exactly was everyone in my class did today. I am so grateful for the people… friends, family, and strangers who let me lead them in their first yoga practice. I’m so excited for the next part of my teaching journey.

I truly believe you can become whatever you want in this life if you simply make the choice to step towards what you want.

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Yoga Teacher Training – Final Weekend!

I am officially a trained yoga teacher! My final yoga teacher training weekend was already two weeks ago. I have subconsciously put off writing this post for a few reasons.

I’m not sure I want to face the reality that these weekends will no longer be a part of my life.
This means that I have to take the next steps…and well, actually teach. And that’s a little scary.
On top of all of that I’m not sure exactly how to put into words a summary of my experience.

Our last weekend together was beautiful. The weather was perfect, the excitement was abundant, and there was just a bittersweet-ness in the air.

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We were split into six different groups for the teaching of our final classes. Groups of three were to teach a 75 minute class and groups of two were to teach a 60 minute beginners class. I was in a group of two and would teach the first 30 minute portion of a beginners class.

This meant a lot of yoga for one weekend! We had three classes both days taught by each other. It was so exciting seeing each one of us take the seat of the teacher. It was amazing that after six months of learning and ten weekends together we all have truly become great yoga teachers, each in our own unique way. Continue reading