Holiday Gift Ideas

I can’t believe Christmas is two weeks away!  We just put up our tree tonight at Andy’s so I’m definitely getting in the spirit.  As much as I love Christmas I always stress myself out over holiday gift ideas.  I have a pretty big family and have to buy for about 20 people!


Some people are much easier than others.  This year I think I’ve done a good job of starting to prepare earlier, write down lists and ideas, and have gotten a bunch done online.  Here are some holiday gift ideas that I’ve thought up this year.

For the Health Nuts:

Workout Clothes:  Everyone could always use some new workout clothes.  I love going to Marshall’s for this kind of stuff.  They have brand name gear for super cheap!

A Good Water Bottle: My favorite is from Camelbak.  This could also save a person money since they won’t have to buy bottled water anymore!

A Weighted Vest:  These are great for anyone trying to add some extra calorie burn to their cardio workouts.

Yoga Mat / Yoga Mat Bag:  Any yogi could always use a fresh new mat!  My favorites are Jade Yoga Mats.

Dumbbells:  For the person who doesn’t have a ton of time, these are great for at home workouts.

For the Foodie:

Blenders / Food Processors:  Amazon always has great deals on these.  You can do so much with either of these kitchen tools, that any person who spends time in the kitchen, would be ecstatic to get one.

Gourmet Spices:  I found a bunch of really cute spice sets on Etsy.  They have a bunch of great gift ideas.

Food Delivered:  I’ve come across a couple of great gift ideas for the grilling men in your life.  First, Omaha Steaks offers a great gift package of a few different steaks and sides.  They often will have a deal on Groupon.  I also came across this really cool company called Mantry.  They pack a wooden crate with a selection of gourmet food and deliver right to your guys door.  Check it out!

For Anyone:

Massage Gift Certificate:  Who doesn’t love a massage?  I think this is a great one for anyone who has a little extra stress in their life.

Print Your Instagram Pictures:  I recently wrote a review of a company called Prinstagram.  They take your Instagram pictures, print them, and turn them into great gifts!  I always love giving pictures, especially to parents, grandparents, or significant others.

Remote Car Starter:  If you live in a cold area, these are great.  My mom received one a few years ago and said it’s one of the best gifts she’s ever received.

Alright, I can’t reveal too many more because then I might spoil it for certain people!  What’s the best gift idea you’ve thought of this year?



How to Have a Good Monday

I got through Monday! AND it was a good Monday! Am I finally figuring out how to start off my week on an awesome note?


Maybe I’m on to something here…so let me share.

Give Yourself Time – Don’t Rush


I woke up before 6AM to drive from Andy’s to my apartment. There is always traffic, so I make sure to give myself some extra time. When I got home I had time to shower, get ready, and get my lunch together… and had plenty of time to do it! Not having to rush can alleviate so much stress. I got into work a half hour early, ready to take on the day.

Eat Well – Prep Your Meals 

photo (3)

For lunch I came back home (I’m lucky enough to live close), made myself lunch, and meal prepped for the rest of the week. I made Simple Chorizo and Butternut Squash Hash from Juli at PaleOMG. It was nice to try something new and it was delicious!

Focus on One Thing at a Time


During the second half of my day at work I tried to stay focused and didn’t let the infinite amounts of information on the Internet/Social media distract me.

End Your Day with Yoga

photo (4)

After work I went to a brand new yoga studio that I’m scoping out.  It’s definitely different from any “city” studio that I’ve been to but I loved it.  It’s in a beautiful space and it was really nice to end my day with some backbending and savasana.  (The picture was from Sunday night when I was practicing my hand stands.)

Make Small Changes to Your Routine – Keep Things Fresh


I think the key to my great Monday today was having enough time and keeping things new, fresh, and exciting.  Changing your routine, eating a different go-to snack, drinking your coffee black, or going on a different running route are just a few examples of ways to switch it up.  Sometimes the smallest changes can be really refreshing.

How do you get through your Monday?

Take Me Back Tuesday – A Weekend in Manhattan

For this weeks Take Me Back Tuesday post, I decided that I’d like to just re-live my past weekend in Manhattan,  Yeah, yeah I guess that’s being a little greedy but it was just the perfect weekend.  Andy and I celebrated our one year anniversary in the city.  It was an absolute beautiful weekend for it and neither of us realized before that it was the weekend of the marathon!

We arrived at our hotel Friday night which Andy booked.  As soon as we arrived he took me up to the roof top deck which had an awesome view of the Empire State Building!  He knows me well.  We tried to get some pictures of ourselves but night time selfies are tough!


We went to dinner at a restaurant in Murray Hill called Cask Bar & Kitchen.  Take a look at my Yelp Review.  We indulged in some bread and oil and a great cheese and meat board.

2013-11-01 21.28.27

Saturday morning we woke up and went for a run.  It was the perfect temperature and the city was buzzing because of the marathon!  We ran a couple of miles up First Ave, which is part of the marathon route.  I was only maybe pretending we were running the next day 🙂

2013-11-02 10.10.48 2013-11-02 10.16.36

We came back to our hotel and did some handstand practice.  I really need to work on my banana back! Baby steps.

2013-11-02 10.30.282013-11-02 10.29.27

After our work out we decided to head out and walk uptown towards Central Park.  I hadn’t been to Central Park in a while and thought it would be pretty on a fall day.  On our way there we ran into a street market!

IMG_1767 IMG_1768

Central Park was so pretty.  The pictures don’t even do the foliage justice!

IMG_17732013-11-02 13.23.30

From Central Park we headed to Rockefellar Plaza.  I’ve heard that the Top of the Rock is an awesome view of the city.  Of course, most tourists go to the top of the Empire State Building but going to the Top of the Rock you actually get to SEE the Empire State Building.

2013-11-02 15.20.13

The view was awesome!  Andy was probably getting a little antsy with how many pictures I was taking from every angle possible.

2013-11-02 15.09.37

That’s Central Park behind me!


Everyone was really friendly up there and offering to take pictures.  I returned the favor of course!


On Saturday night we headed to dinner and then to a Comedy Show at The Stand in the Gramercy area.  I highly recommend this comedy club.  Tickets were cheap and the acts were hilarious.  Oh and I should mention that Jim Gaffigan was a surprise guest!! Along with Godfrey.  They are both really well known comedians.

2013-11-02 22.37.41

We had an awesome night!

2013-11-03 12.20.48

On Sunday morning we woke up and headed to a great diner (I think they might all fit that description).  I ordered their “Red Flannel Hash” which was a twist on hash that included sweet potatoes and beets! It was so different and so good.

2013-11-03 12.06.51


After we ate we headed to the train.  I was sad we couldn’t catch the marathon but then we were lucky to see it from the train!!  That’s all I needed 🙂

2013-11-03 13.21.05-2


I love this weekend.  New York is such a fantastic city and I’m grateful to live so close and just a train ride away.  Now if I could just figure out how to get my pictures on my blog to be bigger!