5 Reasons I Want To Go To Wanderlust

Hi friends! Have you ever heard of Wanderlust Festivals? Well whether you have or haven’t I guarantee you will want to know about Wanderlust.


I’ve heard about Wanderlust since I started practicing yoga. Back then I thought it was a festival where a bunch of people who are really good at yoga go with their other friends who are really good at yoga. Everyone drinks green juice, stands on their head, and talks about their recent sabbatical to India.

Well the more I’ve learned about Wanderlust the more I realize it is SO much more than that. Wanderlust hosts festivals all across the country in magical places. I am so excited that this year I will be going to the Stratton Vermont festival as a Wanderlust Wayfarer (think brand ambassador).  I am over the moon about this opportunity.  I will be working with local studios and yoga teachers to spread the word about Wanderlust and even coordinating a pre-festival event!

***UPDATE: As an official Wayfarer for Wanderlust Stratton, I am pleased to announce that I’ve been given a special 10% Wanderlust discount code for my community! The discount applies to 4-Day, 3-Day or 1-Day tickets to Wanderlust Stratton.  To redeem, comment telling me you’d like the discount code.  I will email it to you and all you have to do is go to this link and enter the code.

Here are just a few reasons I am ecstatic to attend this amazing event:

5 Reasons I Want to Go To Wanderlust

Fresh air, beautiful views.

There is no denying that getting out in nature just feels good for our minds and body.  It allows you to feel more connected to the earth and gives you space to decompress from the constant go go go of daily life.  Whenever I visit Vermont I get this vibrant feeling from just having more space and breathing clean crisp air.  Not to mention the beautiful views from the mountain tops.

Inspiring teachers.

There are so many amazing yoga teachers who I have yet to have the opportunity to meet or take class with. Wanderlust brings so many brilliant minds and souls together in one place.  I am also so excited that my teacher, Mitchel Bleier is one of the featured teachers as well! How cool is that!?

Amazing music.

I’ve always said and stick by that practicing yoga to good, heart warming music allows me to really let go and be in my body.  There are concerts by awesome artists and classes with live, inspiring beats.  Check out the lineup on the Wanderlust website.

Fresh local food.

From the Wanderlust website: “Grass-fed, cold-pressed, small-batch, gluten-free … if it’s got a hyphen and is good to eat, it’s likely at Wanderlust.” Yes please!

Finding aliveness.

Aliveness.  This is how I described my Yoga Teacher Training experience.  That moment when everything around you; the people, the relationships formed, the movement, the sounds, the smells; they all create this feeling of being more alive than you ever have.  Now I know that’s a big expectation to place on one event, but when you get thousands of like-minded people together with the mission to connect on this level, something special is bound to occur.

Check out this video – it’s awesome!  Have you ever been to Wanderlust?  If you want to purchase tickets just click here!


  1. Christine Morris says:

    Hi, I am going to the Stratton festival in June and live locally in VT and would really appreciate the promo code, thank-you!

  2. kelsey flinkstrom says:

    I’ve never gone to Wanderlust before and I’m really looking into going this year especially since it’s only two hours away from me! I’ve started yoga and would love to meet new and inspiring people :] I’m probably gonna be going alone and it’s a little bit more expensive than I thought, is there any way to get a promo code for Stratton?! :]

  3. Nicole Marie says:

    Hi I’m going to the Stratton this June, I see you have a promo code this year too — would you send it to me? Thanks, I look forward to meeting you! 🙂

  4. Elena says:

    hi there – would love a discount code for wanderlust stratton! i’m going to buy 2 one day passes for friday and saturday 🙂

  5. I agree with your 5 points, especially the aliveness and music. Thanks for the time writing up this post. It’s got me so excited for this weekend! Wanderlust has such a cool vibe since it’s of the most tolerable and straight-up friendliest of festivals. You’ll be completely hooked once you’ve experienced the feeling that everyone is your friend before you’ve even met and thus introductions are paired with hugs instead of handshakes or suspicious looks. So look for me at Wanderlust. I’ll be shooting a promo video for my new boho style harem pants store. If you want to model some awesome pants in it, I’ll whip mine off right there & give them to you!! (here’s 25% off code “WANDER” if you want a clean pair haha)

  6. Mauri Gustafson says:

    Hey girl! Just sent you an email as well… my 2 girlfriends and I are planning to attend Wanderlust Stratton 2017 and would love a coupon code! Will you be getting one for 2017?? Thank you and Namaste!!

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