My Latest Yoga Playlist

Happy Friday friends! I hope everyone experienced some great moments this week.

See what I did there?  I often write, “I hope everyone had a great week.”  But the reality is that not every single moment of every single day is going to be ‘great.’ Our days can get stressful, hectic, or frustrating…traffic, anyone?  The important thing to remember is to find those moments of peace, calm, and happiness.  The ones that make you stop in your tracks, smile, and breathe in the present moment.

So with that, I hope you all had a few great moments this week. 

To celebrate this Friday, because well it’s Friday, I thought I’d share my latest yoga playlist.  My very first introduction to yoga was in a hip hop yoga class in Boston.  I practiced at that studio for two years.  Hip hop yoga is simply Vinyasa to a fun, mostly hip hop playlist.

There are many different opinions about music in yoga.  We can save that for another post.  But all I know is that music really allows me to let go and be in my body, with myself. Music can be inspiring, uplifting, and igniting. That’s why I always aim to have a heart warming, sometimes quirky, playlist in my classes.

So here it is! My latest yoga playlist.  Thankyou Spotify! Let me know what you guys think.



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