A Day in Long Island Wine Country

Vineyards are one of my happy places.  There’s just something about them.  They’re beautiful, peaceful, and produce one of my favorite things – wine!  I am even lucky enough to have two beautiful vineyards in my own home town in Connecticut.

So when I learned that there is a whole slew of vineyards on the east end of Long Island, it quickly moved to the top of my summer bucket list.

Coming from Connecticut it was super easy to catch the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson, New York. From Port Jefferson we drove East for about an hour on Route 25A to get to the beginning of North Fork Wine Country.  North Fork Wine Country refers to a few different towns sprawling with farms and vineyards…a total contrast to the dense and compact Nassau County on the Western part of Long Island.

Our first stop was an organic market to grab some cheese and crackers – an essential when vineyard hopping.



It was the cutest little barn with fresh produce and even local cheese.



Our first stop was at Kontokosta Winery, the furthest East of the Vineyards and one of the only ones with a waterfront view. 



This winery just opened last year.  




The inside was bright and open.  The staff did a great job of really educating us about each wine.  



We went with their Chardonnay.  Summer time just calls for white wine in my opinion. 



This winery offered some small snacks to purchase.  We obviously couldn’t pass on the Beer and Bacon Almonds!



We have way too many selfies.



The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was such a pretty view.  I never knew Long Island Sound could be so beautiful.




Our next stop was One Woman Wines.  This was the most adorable little vineyard and the name says it all.  The daughters of the “one woman” were the ones pouring and selling the wine inside while their mom was out in the vineyard working.



We broke out the cheese and crackers here and played with the camera.



I guess it wasn’t too surprising that by only stop two I was feeling a little silly.




Our third and final stop was Shinn Estates.  This one was super cool and almost had a modern farmhouse feel.



Not to mention, they had random inspiring words hanging inside and outside of the property.  



A great idea for a yoga studio 🙂



We had a great day.  I definitely recommend visiting Long Island Wine Country especially for those in the Northeast.  It’s close, easily accessible, but feels like a world away!




What are your favorite vineyards to visit?  What’s your favorite close to home, yet feels far away getaway?


  1. Anna says:

    I love how that first winery looks! When we were there last summer, we definitely didn’t see this one. Unfortunately, most of the wineries we chose were some of the worst we’ve been to, so now we always assume that we don’t like North Fork wines, although there are so many more and we definitely plan to go back. We did visit One Woman – it was one of our favorites and I loved the daughters, they were so nice!

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