Up Close & Personal at The Justin Timberlake Concert

Happy Tuesday!  You made it through Monday, yay!  I’m still flying high from my weekend over here.  Friday night I went to Mohegan Sun for the Justin Timberlake concert.  My sister gets a lot of “party” perks through her company and had told me to keep this weekend open “just in case” she got tickets.

Well, the week before rolled around and I got the call!  She had two tickets to the show along with VIP passes that got us a pre-concert tour and party!  Let me tell you, the night was awesome!  I got up close & personal (not really but I wish) to Justin Timberlake.  I sort of felt like a teenage girl…but hey we all have the one celebrity crush right?!


We showed up to the casino and were immediately taken inside, down to the stage.  I felt super cool and important!


We then were whisked off to our pre-concert party that was open bar and catered.  Here is the drink menu!  I love Moscow Mules so decided to try the Mexican Mule.  I typically dislike tequila but since it was Justin’s go-to I figured I had to try.  It was really good!


Our seats were not on the floor, but about 20 minutes into the concert I decided to try my luck.  Welp, it worked!  The security let us down on to the floor because of our passes and then we just had to find some empty seats!


*Note to self…camera phones do not take good concert pictures.  I was in heaven for the rest of the night.


All joking aside, Justin Timberlake is an amazing performer.  He puts on such a good show.  He has an entire band, dancers, back up singers, the works!  He sang his old stuff, new stuff, and even some Michael Jackson.

Has anyone else seen him in concert?  I want to go to every show now!


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