The Best Weekend in Boston

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend (yes I know it’s already Tuesday/Wednesday)!

I had such a wonderful weekend in my favorite city and former home, Boston!  I hadn’t been in quite a while so it was really nice to see friends, go to my favorite places, and of course be there for Marathon Weekend!

The city was absolutely buzzing all weekend.  It sort of had this powerful energy surrounding it.  It seemed that everyone was honoring the events of last year by coming together and representing the strength and resilience of the city.

On Saturday morning we woke up at about 7AM and hopped on the T to get to the Start Line of the B.A.A. 5k race.

photo 2 (22)


There were 10,000 runners signed up this year.  More than double than the typical number!


photo 3 (21)


There were a ton of runners wearing shirts in honor of Martin Richards.  


photo 4 (14)


This is my favorite part of running 5k’s in Back Bay.  Everyone screams and cheers while running under this bridge on Comm Ave. 

photo 5 (16)


Running down Boylston Street was pretty emotional for me.  But as I ran over the finish line (we crossed over the Marathon finish line) there were so many beautiful signs of empowerment, camaraderie, and strength. 


photo 2 (23)



It was awesome to run this race with people so special to me in a city I love so much!  I also haven’t ran a 5k in quite a while, so it felt good to accomplish that too!

photo 2 (21)

Later in the day we headed to Harpoon Brewery in the Seaport.  They have a new Beer Hall that was really cool.  It’s basically like a big indoor beer garden that sells all of their beers on tap AND giant soft pretzels with all different dipping sauces.

photo 3 (22)

For dinner we headed to Legal Test Kitchen in the Seaport.  I had a fantastic dish called Angry Lobster.  It came over brown rice, butternut squash, kale, and had a little spicy kick to it. Having just started eating lobster I absolutely loved it!  

photo 4 (15)


We ended the night at one of our favorite bars.  It was such a nice weekend full of all of the things I love (exercise, food, and beer) with people who make me smile!

photo 1 (21)


Did anyone else spend the weekend in Boston?  Do you have any favorite races you run every year?


  1. freshtheblog says:

    Boston is my absolute favorite city, too! I’m not from there but I’ve always loved it and felt some sort of connection to it. And exercise, food, and beer are also three of my favorite things 😀

    Looks like a wonderful weekend!

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