Thinking Out Loud Link – Up #2

Well I just want to thank Amanda at Running With Spoons for hosting Thinking Out Loud because it’s exactly what I needed this week!  I wrote my first Thinking Out Loud post last week…and haven’t written a post since.

It’s just been one of those weeks.  Where everything is off schedule, you have too many things to do, and not enough hours to do them.  So thank you Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud…because it’s exactly what I need to do this week!

  • I saw the most beautiful sunset this week.  I didn’t even realize just how beautiful it was until I looked at the picture I had snapped much later.  The weird thing was that I snapped it after leaving a wake.  It really made me stop and think. There is beauty everywhere you look, even in life’s saddest moments…you just have to notice them.

photo 1 (16)


  • I am really forcing spring into my life this week.  I shed my winter coat, put on flats, and even ordered an iced coffee at Starbucks!  Unfortunately mother nature didn’t exactly cooperate, but I think she’s almost there.

photo (1)

  • I’m feeling guilty that I’ve been slacking on my blog posts.  One of my 2014 intentions was to try and post three times a week.  Between work, yoga training, and well…just life, it’s been harder than I thought.  


  • I leave for Belize in just over a month!  I love planning vacations only a couple of months out because they creep up on you, and bam! Paradise is knocking at your door before you know it.  I’ve been window shopping (what’s the equivalent online?) for a new bathing suit.  I’m really liking the fringe look!



  • Last weekend Andy and I went to a brewery here in Connecticut, Two Roads Brewery.  In this first year back in Connecticut after living in Boston for four years, I’ve realized that this little state of ours really does have so many fun things to explore.  Two Roads is an awesome place, not to mention awesome beer with a fantastic slogan. Take the road less traveled.

photo 3 (18)


  • I’ve been loving Spotify lately and discovering new music.  A few new favorite bands / artists: Birds of Tokyo, Walk off The Earth, The Wild Feathers, and Vitamin String Quartet.

That’s all I got for you this week.  Until next Thursday!



  1. Blogging can definitely get away from us sometimes. I find it helps to sit down and devote a little bit of time to making a schedule for the upcoming week/month so that you have a general idea of what you want to write about. If I try to go by the seat of my pants, I run into writer’s block A LOT… But if I know that “okay, on Friday I’m going to talk about this…” then it makes it a lot easier.

    And that sunset? Omg gorgeous!

  2. Ange says:

    Mother nature is definitely being a bit of a jerk weather-wise. I’m craving spring and it’s just not happening!!

    Keeping up with blogging is hard work!! I try to schedule posts in advance and always have a few posts drafted in case I don’t have a chance to write. It took me a long time to find a schedule that worked for me.

  3. Blogging always takes a backseat when real life heats up! It’s a hobby for me, and a hobby should be a fun release, not another thing to stress about. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I’m freaking out that I hate my layout and I’m behind on my reading list and and and … 🙂

    Love the bikini! Fringe is fun. Belize sounds awesome, so excited for you!

  4. ranchcookie says:

    The fringe look is so cute! I guess it is getting to the point we better go get our summer swim suits before all the good ones run out!

  5. Wow that sunset looks like a fire storm, yet peaceful and elegant. Great photo! So exciting about Belize. Is this your first visit there? My families gone there many many times. Your going to have a blast!

    • I actually forgot I have been there once on a cruise when I was younger. So yes, basically my first time! Have you been with your family? Where is their favorite place to visit?

    • hmm I’m pretty boring and just drink plain old coffee BUT I really have been wanting to treat myself and try their new Vanilla Machiatto. It’s basically an upside down latte with lots of deliciousness.

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