Why You Should Plan That Second Vacation

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Well it’s March.  The month when almost every human living in the Northeast starts to go a little stir-crazy.  A majority of your conversations are consumed with weather bashing talk.

It’s also the time of year that many of us flee to warmer parts of the country.  I was quick to jump on that band wagon in February, and planned a last minute getaway with my girlfriends to Puerto Rico.  It was much needed…but it wasn’t enough.

2012-12-17 19.48.05

Andy and I have decided to book another tropical getaway for the month of May!  While I am so excited, I couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of guilt as the idea started becoming more concrete.


I’ve thought a lot about this.  And maybe this is just me justifying my need for a second vacation, but I hope it’s more thought-provoking than that.

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We grow up with the American Dream as the goal.  The conventional path of working hard and saving money to afford the house, a couple of cars, and yes start a family.  That is the responsible thing to do…that’s what we’re supposed to do right?  Vacations come once a year, if we’re lucky.

But does it have to be this way?  Well I hope not.  Soon I’ll be turning the corner on my late twenties.  Am I getting too old to be spending my paychecks on seeing the world?  God, I really hope not.

2013-09-06 13.01.26

Here are my thoughts.  People will spend their money in different ways.  Some may save to have a fairy tale wedding or to buy their dream house.  There’s nothing wrong with that…whatever makes you tick.  All I know is that there is a huge world out there for us to see.  One lyric that has stuck with me recently is from a Lord Huron song, “What good is living the life you’ve been given if all you do is stand in one place?”

Traveling to new places makes you richer.  Whether it’s a U.S. city you’ve never been to, a Caribbean Island, or a far away exotic destination…there is always something  beautiful to gain when traveling.  New experiences, new people, new appreciations for home.


At the end of my life I want to look back and remember two things.  Time spent with my family and friends, and the times discovering new places and adventures.

Alright, vacation number two justified! Can’t wait to reveal where it is.  Hint…it’s on this list.



  1. I am sure that American Dream works for some people, and it is great…for them!! Don’t ever feel guilty for living the life that you want to lead!!!!

    I’m like you, I want to travel, I want to experience the world. My husband and I live modestly so we can afford to travel, buy motorcycles, charter a sailboat (that is our current saving toward thing right now), and who knows what else. We aren’t doing the white picket fence with 2.5 kids and cars with car payments and 1 vacation a year. I would die!!!

    P.S. Great quote!!

  2. I always tell people, even if it feels like you are spending too a lot of money on travel, you only remember the incredible time you had, the places you saw, people you met and everything you learned, you never remember the money you spent. It’s so true!

  3. Yes, yes and yes!

    I have friends who say to me “OMG you’re going on another vacation? You go away more than anyone I know.” I always tell them that this is why I work so hard and save my money. I’d rather spend money on vacations and experiences than other material things.

    I really learned this from my parents who go away 3-4 times per year and have an absolute blast!

    Can’t wait to hear where you’re going next!

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