Take Me Back Tuesday – San Francisco Part Two

2013-09-08 14.01.32-2

Well it’s only been one full week since I’ve been back from my mini vacation to the West Coast and I already feel like it’s been forever!  Isn’t it funny how that happens?  The more I’ve gotten to digest the trip the more I want to go back – it was such a nice, relaxing, yet fun time! Here is the continuation of the fun stuff we did!

Day 3

Embarcadero, a NY Bar in San Francisco

Obviously on Sunday we slept in a bit and got a later start.  We went to brunch in North Beach at a place that had a TV because Andy couldn’t miss the first NFL games of the season.  We then met up with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in over a year!  It was really nice to see her and catch up over a couple of beers on the waterfront.

2013-09-08 19.07.19

Andy is a huge Giants fan so when we booked this trip I promised him I’d find a good place for us to watch their first game.  I found the only NY Giants bar in San Francisco and so we headed there.  It was called Aces (check out my Yelp Review here).  What an experience!  It was absolutely packed with NY fans.  It took a bit for me to get adjusted to this atmosphere but it ended up being fun!

Day 4

Run, Ferry Building, Mission, Dolores Park, “Sunset” Cruise on the Bay

Monday morning we woke up pretty early with the urge to make our bodies feel a little bit better.  We went for a run to the Ferry Building along the Embarcadero.  It was a little over two miles and seemed really difficult after not exercising much over the first few days.  The route was beautiful though and ended at a pier that had a great view of the Bay Bridge!

2013-09-09 09.24.09



Then we went in to market place in the Ferry Building.  This place is awesome!  They have all little local stands ranging from local olive oils, cheeses, meats, vegetables, chocolate, coffee….basically my heaven!  Especially since they have a ton of free samples – my favorite!  My favorite stand was Alfieri Farms.  They had the most amazing dark chocolate, coffee (or toffee) almond brittle.  I am so sad it’s gone I may just have to have some shipped across country!

2013-09-08 14.16.22


For the afternoon we set out to find a restaurant I had heard about on the news actually.  It’s called Bacon Bacon (check out my Yelp Review here) and they were shut down due to neighbors complaining of the food – how crazy is that?! Who would complain of a Bacon smell?!  Anyways, they are running the café out of a music hall and we were so so excited to find it.  Andy had the bacon grilled cheese that came with bacon jam – it was incredible.  I ordered the LGBT (lettuce, goat cheese, bacon, and tomato) which was also awesome. THEN we got to try their chocolate covered bacon! Heaven in your mouth I tell ya!

2013-09-09 13.56.482013-09-09 13.33.00



After stuffing our faces we decided to check out a bar I had heard about from a friend called, Zeitgeist (check out my Yelp Review here).  To preface this bar, you should know that this is a very eccentric neighborhood.  I called this our “hippie” day.  Sometimes I secretly wish I was a vagabond hippie 🙂  The bar had a big beer garden outside with a ton of picnic tables, trippy art on the walls, and a “no photos” sign.  I secretly snapped a picture…I’m such a bad ass.

2013-09-09 14.45.38



To continue on our “hippie” theme we headed to Dolores Park.  I had been here one other time and loved it, so wanted to show Andy.  It’s this park at the top of a hill in Mission that gives you a great view of the city…but that’s not the only view.  It is a really fun people watching experience.  There are all different types of people who congregate here but there is one common smell and puff of smoke that everyone has in common!

2013-09-09 15.18.42-2



To end our last day in the city I thought it would nice to take a “Sunset Cruise” on the bay.  Well I should have remembered that the Bay is very often covered by gigantic clouds!  It happens almost every day at the same time…we just really lucked out the weekend we were there.  Of course when Monday rolled around it was cold and cloudy but the guys on the boat said we would still see a “sunset.”  Well we saw one behind Sausalito which looked something like this.  And yes that is a cloud over Sausalito.




After Sausalito we headed back in to the fog.  After about another 30 minutes we looked up and realized we were under the Golden Gate!  It was pretty crazy how thick the clouds were but still a cool thing to see.

2013-09-09 18.51.13



And that concludes my San Francisco getaway!  It is by far one of my favorite cities that I have visited to date (okay I might say that about many).  I think our 4 day itinerary was a pretty good one and covered a good area for the short amount of time we were there!

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